Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sarawak - Change in the Making

Anwar Ibrahim at Friends of PKR and Gabriel Adit's Sibu Dinner, 15 Nov 2008

Video: Salak on site

The initial foray of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat into Sarawak received it seemed was met with a cold shoulder, although there was no mistaking the responses from ardent believers of change. It struggled on and in the last Sarawak State Election won one State seat in the Sarawak DUN in the representation by Dominique Ng.

Thereafter, as the State BN dug its heels in making sweeping changes in land leases, the Dayak community became more fractured as the PBDS-PRS debacle strenthened Taib Mahmud's grip on the political landscape. In the last 8 weeks this changed with the first real stirring of dissent manifest in Beginda's call for the CM of Sarawak to quit. Gabriel Adit, the Independent DUN member for Ngemah followed next building more and more confidence, embolding otherwise nascent support to a culmination of the event last Saturday 15th November, 2008.

The Rajang Exhibition Centre was packed to capacity with more outside unable to get places and donate to the event. Some 7,000 and more in and out of the venue listened to Anwar's message.

Diners had come from all around the outskirts of Sibu, from their farms and kampungs and as many were from Kanowit and Kapit. Sibu City Chinese and Malay citizens came out and many were found among the diners. Others came from far off Kuching. Most were Dayaks in the Rejang heartland, disenchanted with the present sense of disarray and dismay at Dayak and the overall leadership.

They came and they heard Anwar Ibrahim as he declared Sarawak, the frontline in the challenge for Pakatan Rakyat to bring change as he themed "Sarawak: Change in the Making".

Earlier in the afternoon, he had officially declared open the Lanang Division Center and Dudong Branch, at 52, Jalan Chengal, Sibu.

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peng said...

It is sad to see that both of these states, although a part of Malaysia, is being ignored and taken advantage of by the BN government. It's time for change and that can only happen if the people of Sabah and Sarawak demand change. They have in their hands, the power to demand change.

Salak said...

A lot of damage was done in Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak, peng. Damages that take longer to recover than your side of the water. It's slowly coming to the boil now. When it does get to boiling point, many cronies your side are going to feel the heat, too!

All I can feel now, is that it won't stop. The seeds of change have been sown!

peng said...

It's like the 'Rape of Nanking' right? Nanking's massacre span over 6 weeks. East Malaysia suffered years of abuse which left scars too deep to heal. Even if it does, it will take another generation? My heart burns with anger each time I think of all this!

Salak said...

For the crimes they commit, they'll have to be dragged to Court. The irony is you can't "get even" with them as in an eye for an eye. We need to extend them their full rights. It's a little like giving the "other cheek". If we want to rebuild our lives on meaningful change, that's what it takes to do.

But you can simmer down. I think change is cooking! :D