Thursday, November 13, 2008

We have competition ...

Jaxon S asks have you tried ...? His blog describes his deep interests on Borneo wild life.

As for competition, another is a grim prospect of competition for our own kind. The act is extreme and mindboggling. It's just gross ...!

What ails ...?

Who knows? Here is a teka-teki by DH Lawrence ...

Tell me a word
that you've often heard,
yet it makes you squint
when you see it in print!

Tell me a thing
that you've often seen
yet if put in a book
it makes you turn green!

Tell me a thing
that you often do,
when described in a story
shocks you through and through!

Tell me what's wrong
with words or with you
that you don't mind the thing
yet the name is taboo.

... DH Lawrence


Lai said...

This so sick! I am at a loss for words!

Salak said...

Tell me what's wrong with words or with you ... ;)

It's just one of those things, Peng! Nevertheless, it is one of those things!

How's Sally? :D

Lai said...

I 'sayang' Sally, no worries ok! She making visitors to my blog 'jatuh cinta pada dia'. :)