Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Knaves or Diamonds or Jack of all trades

Interests rates can go off to 750,000% as in Zimbabwe. What it does is wipe out all civilized attainable means to access goods or services by paper money. The only thing you could do is, driven to despair, to rob and steal. Well, you could do barter. In other words return of the lanun days. During the lanun days, your identity is not on My Card. It's the size of your feast or the doom of your kris. After a while you become King or a Sultan. If you have romantic ideas about royalty get it out of your head. It's pure dung. Had Zimbabwe been a "progressive" state, with enough people able to exert efforts on socio-cultural dynamics, no one need suffer. Our friend Roberto is His Highness and absolute monarch the Sultan of Zimbabwe.

Why should zero interest make people panic? It's just a scale or measure of something. Some crazy scientist bound by the bariers of his mind and society worked out the use of the Fahrenheit measure and we boil at 212 F. Then they took it down and put it to 100 C. We could put it down lower to 50 S or higher 10,000 S and you still boil. I could get angry with just a word. So could you.

Anwar Ibrahim is making compromises by undertaking to restore full rights of Malaysia's Royalty. If we are to see any change in the social fabrics of Malaysian life, it won't be because of Royalty. They had so many chances in the last so many years and they did nothing. If Anwar is going to do same, change will come, but it will be loose change. Change is the cause of everybody, even decent members of the Royalty. Change is the people's bizness. It's everyone's. But we can't keep on clinging to pretences.

So if anybody offers you a deck, you still have a choice of four Jacks! Both ends of the stick are Jack of Knaves and Jack of Diamonds.

But we have to move on!

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