Friday, March 13, 2009

If you find a funny face in your comic book, it won't be Najib's!

It looks like public opinion, online, swoons over the Sleepwalker! The SeeFour Buster is well out of the league!

Something wrong in the Stars! Must be the global warming! ;)

But Pak Lah is Hot!!! He maybe a sleepwalker but the Girls thinks he is steaming. Hotlah !!! Look!

Pak Lah's ex Boss thinks he's hot, too!

Former Umno supremo and premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad(pic) said today it did not necessarily follow that the president of Umno should become the prime minister of the country, as this is not provided in the Federal Constitution.

"It has merely been a practice for us in Umno," he said, in answer to a question from the press on whether it was possible that the planned power transition from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak may not take place.

But Najib has fans, too!

Here's His No.1 Fan ...

She thinks it's Najib's destiny to be PM !

What do I think?

Well, if you see a rocket ship on its way to Mars, Najib maybe on it! ;)


Jong said...

Hey Salak,

Is Roseporkymah Michael Jackson's half sister? They both seems to have the same nose job lah!

Salak said...

Ask shrek, Jong!

He might have spied her in LA where the rich butcher's shops are! :))

Eh! You might know! Why didn't she get rid of the blubber instead? That could make about 72 dozen candles! Ha!

If I were her, I'd be nervous of the Ides of March!

Salak said...

Err Jong,

Wonder what she'll be like if we toast her on "arang" ? ;))

Jarod said...

hahahaah! I am laughing hard at JONG's comment... eh, One wonder.. why she have all the monies and yet she have not undergo an operation to get rid of her funny nose... :D

Salak said...


I might love her if you put her on a ship to Mars.

If a face could launch a thousand ships, it would be hers.

But where would the destined PM be? :))

Jong said...

What's wrong with your eyesight Jarod? Look carefully lah. Before it was chi-pak-kuai now after the nose job, it's similar to MJ.

Good suggestion Salak. We'll then put her on the table at Chew Jetty, what say you - cruelty to animals?

Salak said...

Hahaha! Jong!

There's a lot of "arang" for that in Sepetang! Or Kimberly Street to braise and broil! :))

Salak said...

Ooi Adek Jarod!

Mana peng? Balik kampung ke? She has lots to say on cruelty of roasted dish! :))

Jarod said...

haha jong... never really realize before n after job done..

Remember to put in some herbal remedies... I you need tons of it.. :D

Salak said...

Hey, You orang tengok all the girls on RTM and TV3 they all have their nose jobs!

Must be with Porky's compliments, to say all the nice things about her hubba hubba!!! ;))

Anonymous said...

Yikes, this is a real 'Fuckgly' creepy face. Seriously, she should be able to SINK a 1000 ships. She just doesnt look human!


Jarod said...

Peng Balik Kampung lah...

hardly online when she is at home,,,

Well, she would throw the roasted dish far away at the jungle..aahaha!

Jong said...

Woii Angela,
Why you never learn to get rid of that "ANON" arhh?

Salak said...

Hey Jong,

Itu orang janggut has something to say on getting lost in Indonesia at Batang Ai. Take a look!

Jarod said...

Can we ask the Mafrel to clarify how they will handle it? How they will handle the account as well?

Salak said...

Hey Jarod Adek,

We wanna have some fun here!

You go ask Uncle Ong at MAFREL!

Jong said...

I see Mafrel is badly affected by the "ostrich sydrome" lah!

Still bragging of past 'successes' except, why they are still sitting on the GE-12 and Permatang Pauh By-Election reports. Where's their moral obligation to the Malaysian public, the Electorates? Just NATO?!

Salak said...


['...MAFREL melihat ketiga-tiga Pilihanraya Kecil tersebut sebagai kritikal dan unik yang boleh membawa kesan kepada senario politik tanah air. ...']

Saya jangka bukan bizness MAFREL nak bingung tentang “kesan” jika boleh kita selenggarakan pemilihan yang telus, adil dan bebas daripada segala salahguna, kalau ada pun pekara-perkara yang kecil saja!

Dengan adanya suasana yang “baik” dalam pemilihan bermakna apa saja yang diamanahkan rakyat, itulah keputusan rakyat, bukan perlunya keputusan MAFREL!..."

Please note my comments in Bahasa. These guys are more worried about the outcome of the elections than the management of a good election. If all parties play fair and make their members toe the line, more grey matter can be used for substance than pomp, circumstance and hoodlum culture. If they behave, we'll be able get people make their choices. What their choice is none of Mafrel's bizness. If they want to influence that choice, get the f***k out of Mafrel and do the influencing! They can't keep on hiding under the sarung. Salah tarik sarung jatuh, pokai semua!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!

My one time sweetheart, Jong ran out on me and so I'm back.

Anonymous said...

Jong, sweetie!

I'm ready to make nice. Are you??

Jong said...

Mr Bean,

Hey, welcome back sillyman! Where have you been, keeping dinjerk company and throwing stones at the same time? Whatever, he's not worth your while, wake up!

Please, why do you need to hide behind that "Anon"? And hey, don't you ever belittle Iban girls. Bad joke leaves bad taste and most unnecessary. Don't think Salak will take to it too kindly. You won't want to be around when he gives you that Iban stare, do you huh?!!

Lai said...

Hmmm.. looks like I miss out some fun last weekend. Sinking the 'plastic rose' ship like a Titanic or sending off to the Moon ala the Challenger in the 80s. And Jong & old flame reunited..

Anonymous said...

Salak that was my comment as Lai. Forgot to change the identity option!