Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are we safe ?

Malaysian Military against Opposition Parties

The PM's recent visit to China on the heels of his Dad years ago was for brownie points. In addition, he must have been selling oil and gas when our resources are almost depleted. Many are not convinced about this "1Malaysia" jingle that he's coined or whether it has anything to do with governing other than wasting money on T-Shirts, food, airfares flags and event management. Some say that it's so hollow the echoes reverberate.

So where are we? Do we feel safe, despite the flashy "liberalization" news socking our ears the las few days?

The inclination is we're not. The Royal Malaysia Police has been hogging the news to publicize some work but the real work is still undone. What happened to the millions of dadah lost in Police custody? Why have people died in lockups? Is there mercy killing?

Why is Malaysia placed in a human traficking list? Are our borders as porous as our pockets? What's the Malaysian Army doing?

"...report said Malaysia is a destination and source “for women and children trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and for men, women and children trafficked for the purpose of forced labor.” Countries cited for failing to take adequate steps to address trafficking can be subject to limited sanctions...." - www.chinapost.com.tw

Apparently, they're busy helping UMNO-BN utilizing their intel facilities to keep tabs of who vote for UMNO and who don't. Great, isn't it? Or lame? Blatant abuse of public money to do an unconsitutional act. The Police, too have been busy in Manik Urai. It isn't clear what they're doing. Making commissions on canopies and food catering? We have to pay the allowances, too. Those ordinary policemen would do well to spend quality time with their children instead of intimidating Manik Urai voters!

Meanwhile, Zahid Hamidi, Defence Minister doesn't think Malaysians know what our country's defence ability is. He damn well could be right!


Jong said...

"1Malaysia" - that's Najib's propaganda machine! It came in the way Paklah's "Islam Hadhari" did and will sizzle off soon when Pakatan Rakyat takes over.

About people dying in lock-ups, yes they did, they commit suicide in the stinking toilet bowls!

Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi is right, how could Malaysians know about our
country's defence ability when everything is done quietly and hushed up? It's abit too late to ask Altantuya but Roastporkymah should be the next best person in the know.

Salak said...

"...About people dying in lock-ups, yes they did, they commit suicide in the stinking toilet bowls!..."

Errmm ...! Are you sure?

We do have the best "rest rooms" of world quality lah! And the effort is championed and no less by a Member of Malaysian Parliament !

Watch what you're saying, please!

But I often wonder why our Parliament stinks most of the time! ;)

Jong said...

In Malaysia, BN politicians will always say one thing and do another. You won't catch MP Robert Lau near a public toilet let alone sit on it!

Ever wonder how much that pix costs the toilet bowl manufacturer?

Salak said...

"...Ever wonder how much that pix costs the toilet bowl manufacturer?..."

Not in these times, no! :(

Many would rather flush his image down with the rest!

But seriously, these are vanity products! [ ? ] Well, it's about hygiene, too. But it needn't cost the crash of the Tokyo Stock Market!

Not that we don't appreciate cleanliness. Maybe Malaysians don't know when to hang their right laundry to dry! :))

Tell that to the UMNO guys. You can see their underwear in tatters daily! What a sight - tattered and battered! ;)

Salak said...

This gomen is all about 'show' and no 'substance'. How does hi 1Malaysia jingle jumble jangle theme come into play when his UMNO is in UNITY talks with PAS. When one unites, one has to unite AGAINST someone. So what is this 1Malaysia crap all about as someone outside of UMNO/PAS, my feelings are deeply hurt. But do they care? Only Malays are allowed to feel 'sensitive n hurt'

[Via Email]


Let's tell that to the Tuan Melayu!

Why didn't they figure it out that there can't be "1Malaysia"?

If you have bad laundry, just own up. Nobody wants to see it anyway. People can live with life's grim realities and distill enduring vales. Even these stinking bad times have brought us back our senses.

In any case how could we have "1Malaysia" when one of its contituents is ... "Negeri-9" ? ;)