Monday, October 12, 2009

Bagan Pinang | PAS lost

Not that the BN wins but that PAS lost.

The results and the detailed figures say it all. The PAS Election machine did not read sense. Above all, the voters said it and PAS didn't hear it before the campaigns. Perhaps, the PKR member who quit was right but he was not so right as he failed to make whatever the case was. So it's down to elections and winning and hearing.

Someone reminded me, the good Prophet did say that to talk more, you must have had listened plenty!

The Bagang Pinang voters have said their piece, with or without cues from the SPR or the Police or the Military. You just have to accept that.

Now let's see if UMNO 9Negeri can handle success!

The detailed results speak loud.


Jong said...

Rasuah/Corruption wins and that's the way it's going to be in this country with this corrupt UMNO-controlled government in power. The people of Bagan Pinang should be comfortable for the time-being with their BN-brand goodies, rice-cookers, saris etc.

Also thanks to a divided Pakatan Rakyat. Until and unless they get their acts together, there'll be no change coming at all!

Salak said...

It's the voters siege mentality.

In the 60's - 70's the hippies lost faith in the conventional system and they set up their own in communes. The Arqam people in Malaysia did the same.

I believe once we see values deterioting, post modern society might just move this way again.

It makes sense doesn't it? ;-))

Jong said...

So things have not changed, we just learn to compromise, nurturing love or torturing ourselves till GE-13?

Salak said...

For Bagan and places like them but not all.

You might like to take a look at the National Youth Survey 2008 at the Digital Library to get some ideas of what youths think and how to manage change.

But at the moment, the tyranny of the majority (of the BN) seems to produce results at the polls - intimidation, wanton corruption (check info on Auditor General's reports today) and weak governance might win the Government for BN a while. The bigger problem is it will set back the country economically further, and most things with it, too! I hate to think of future deteriorating public health and its affordability with people like Liow around, worried only of his wife's birthdays and health! ;-)

This IS NOT TO IMPLY the Opposition will do nothing and may not win at GE 13. It might make them sharper to respond and meet the challenges!

But the more the wealthy realizes they stand to gain more in future for the real reforms the Opposition is battling for, things might move much faster.

We have to watch out for capital flight and brain drain. This year's FDI stinks and that's a tell-tale sign, more so after the cash crash!

Salak said...

Oops! The links broken, Jong!

Here's the link, then nagvigate for the National Youth Survey 2008 at -

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