Thursday, November 11, 2010

PKR on the boil | CUTI from Politics, anyone?

The present PKR crisis arising out of their direct elections have come to a head. Zaid is reported to do an Anwar on PKR just like Anwar did same on Mahathir - taking it to the rakyat or voters.

Whilst I'm not a PKR member I share Matsamankati's sentiments and let matters take their course so things will sort themselves out. A political organization is somewhat like a person. It's just a non-personal entity. Trouble is when things get personal! People or persons are not perfect and they may change - hopefully for the better!

Meanwhile UMNO people must be jeering at the PKR on this CUTI bizness. Well, if PKR members take their CUTI, that's only human. UMNO members have been playing truants all their lives!

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Anonymous said...

Aiyah, things within dUMNO oso not that great. After all, do the MSM play up the issue of PM n his DPM going off tangent? Mix this with the interferring Mamaktahi who intends to see his none-too-bright son on steady terra, we will be getting a bubbling pot of interesting brew, only difference is that dUMNO-controled MSM only allow glory, shiok sendiri news saja.

Salak said...

UMNO always "ponteng" lah!

But any doubts on the election process will derail PKR's good intentions. It is a serious matter as it makes PKR very vulnerable. The problem should have been arrested earlier and nipped in the bud but now all eyes are on PKR.

Good Golly! Where is that Miss Molly???