Monday, April 11, 2011

N 6 Tupong | Bridge over troubled water

Baharuddin[L] & Daud Abdul Rahman[R]

Amazing Google Earth!

A buzz on Pending Bridge sent me scanning Google Earth and the links it can provide plus some embedding.

Anyway the story is carried by "Koteng Keramat" which name in a sense is like a Sage with magical powers who once lived in Kampung Tupong Petra Jaya in N 6 Tupong where Daud Abdul Rahman is contesting against PKR's Baharuddin Mokhsein.

Apparently the story goes that as an engineer Daud had a firm which designed the Pending Bridge for the JKR. The stupid bridge has been in trouble since late 70's or early 80's and it's still in trouble today. Daud has since become a very important figure in Taib's cabinet looking after Islamic Affairs. It seems Daud has become some kind of Sage with magical powers like "Koteng Keramat"!

Well, why not! Taib has all kinds of bomoh and the latest in his collection is a blonde bomoh who he brought over to Balingian for her magical powers.

But, doesn't it still bother people that since early 1900's when Koteng lived, Taib and Daud are still clowing around? It's been raining these last weeks and there's a lot of water under the bridge. Troubled water?

Pending Bridge located by Google Earth :

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Pending Bridge joins Jalan Setia Raja to Tabuan Industrial Park

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Anonymous said...

Troubled waters. Bridge trouble. Plenty of tlouble.

Double tlouble?

Anonymous said...

No accountability & no $$$ for decent bridge for the common folks but plenty luxurious n HiFi lifestyles for the ruling govt...throw them UNDER the bridge this Saturday!!