Friday, May 6, 2011

Need a ride YB? To Jalan Rock or Jalan Pending?

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Jong said...

Whatever CM Lim, jangan ambek Jalan Pengsan sudah lah!

Salak said...

Not to worry, can take him to Jalan Bahagia. If he wants to buy fresh fish we won't take him to Jalan Gambir. The market is gone now!

We can take him for fresh fish at Pulau Salak! ;)

If he might like to sample birds nests in natural surroundings, it's a long walk to Niah Caves.

To go inside the Niah Caves, you have to literally take a lot of shit. A good wide hat is recommended! :) The bird droppings are hardly aromatic!

But, seriously, anyone will be astounded at the sight and thought. You stand there and you imagine what public housing was like 40,000 years ago! :)

Salak said...

Ok! Ok! There's no more fish at Jalan Gambir.

Pulau Salak is actually H E R E !