Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Economy | How not to make Malaysians slaves

Not difficult. You don't need any whips to crack or irons to chain them in. Just reduce budget deficits. Then the rich will be masters like they used to be and still want to be.

But will a run-away deficit kill everyone? It should with trending in present day government, the BN being the rule rather than the exception. It's the only government we've ever known federally. You can blame Pakatan next.

When you cut deficits, those that die first will be the bottom 5%. Those that escape the tax brackets die from scarcity and rocketing prices. They'll die when their health deteriorates and of course with zero finance, their lives will be in care, least. Do you think the rich would like it? Some wouldn't know whether it's likeable. Some would actually hate it whether their assets dwindle. While some others would just run away, only to find it'll be no different if they can tell in relative proportions.

So what's the big deal? So when have we stopped finding answers? Or more questions? It's one thing to save and another to spend wisely all in pursuit of real sovereignty - here or thereafter.

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The US Debts is now some 351% (incl liabilities) of GDP and they may not be about to go bust! The Japanese had at one time or another, maybe worst now, some 200% debts. Let's see how things will pan out.

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