Friday, November 11, 2011

Thots of Friday | Sanctuary in Spin City


Jong said...

Are those Devils so afraid of their own shadows?
Why the need for some 30 security guards to cordon around them while doing the Hajj? Still want to flaunt that 'High & Mighty' VVIP status? Where's humility and equality to live and eat together in oneness? - munafiques!

Since so many Muslims around the world want to attend Hajj each year and Saudi Arabia imposes a quota for each country, how about Malaysia setting up its own wall in PutraJaya at the DEN of Thieves and Corrupt Devils, where ordinary Malaysians can go do the symbolic stoning there, why stone the Saudi devils that don't harm us?

Salak said...

Won't that be more appropriate? Stone the Devils out of Putrajaya?

There's lots more wrong things with Tabung Haji to be uncovered.

Why would poor grandmas and grandpas and parents make others wealthy when their own health and children's education and future are at stake? And Malaysia education and health are sub-standard. We're bringing foreign labor and tuberculosis stats is rising.

Why can't Tabung Haji work out 7/14/21 days pilgrimage package instead of the ludicrous 40 days making Arabs richer for money the oil kingdom don't need? The Middle East and US and UK hegemony is another raw subject.

Too many unholy things and they're not right and ethical.

We'll hear more in the coming days!

peng said...

I thought your post title should be SPIN IN SANCTUARY CITY, even in a holy place this couple is trying to spin their corrupted yarn..

Salak said...

Did think of it, peng.

Najib made it a Spin City.

Doubts arose he did it properly and greatly surprised [mengejutkan/shocked] the Mufti of Perlis.

Maybe he wanted to avoid being stoned! ;)