Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Compliments from PM's Dept Staff


Jong said...

It looks fake, so very fake from top to bottom! Typical Malay to English translation and no diplomatic class in that letter at all! Does not take much effort to spot the flaws.

Salak said...

You could be right!

Malaysia is a phony democracy anyway! Could the biggest fake be the x-PM, Mahathir himself?

AirAsia is in the news again at the same time that Tajuddin Ramli's case on the MAS robbery made the headline a few days ago.

I suspect Tony Tipu Fernandes is one of BN's best spin jobs! :))

Why? Bad as the gomen is, they could have done the same job on AirAsia themselves without the name AirAsia and Tony Tipu and say it's their turnaround rectification job!

But! Welcome back to Malaysia! ;)

AirAsia No-more said...

Tony Fernandes, mean and arrogant, success obviously has gone to his head! Read how he ridicule SIA's low-cost flyer just launched - "Scoot"?

Salak said...

With money shrinking flying might ground down most airlines.

Is there smoke in SIA's cabins?

They could be cooking up a storm in the sky! ;))