Monday, March 26, 2012

I love Malayisa. And I Love Satay Kajang!

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Wee Ka Siong, Deputy Minister of Education, made a grave mistake when he went to Kajang.

He didn't stop to sample Satay Kajang which is reputed far and wide in Malaysia, and with the Web, the Web Wide World.

Problem was simple - education, Chinese education. Not that education itself is a problem. Anyway, Wee Ka Siong, was "sionged" out of the Dong Zong protest rally to express dissatisfaction of the Chinese community on the unresolved issues surrounding Chinese education in Malaysia.

Chinese education is no small matter. It's some 5,000 years old and Chinese Malaysians or Malaysians have not scrapped bottom of the Great Sage Master Kung's wisdom

But still Ka Siong is adamant and says he'll resign if that would solve the whole problem. Of course he'll not resign. He can't and won't solve the problem.

Don't believe me. Just go to Kajang and say it like Ka Siong did.

Analects 15:23.
Tzu-kung asked, "Is there one word which can serve as the guiding principle for conduct throughout life?" Confucius said, "It is the word altruism (shu). Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you."

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Jong said...

This MCA bugger sold off the Chinese Community for more than half a century, 54 years to be exact!

To the Chinese, Education and Economy is of utmost importance to them and can you imagine after 54 years in power this MCA VP dares to say the BN Govt/Ministry of Education is still "looking into it" meaning their problems!

I would have whacked the hell out of this godforsaken bloke if I was there! Blardy hypocrite and deceitful liar! They(MCA) had been telling the people they represent the best interest of the Chinese in the country! What rots!

Salak said...

It was said to be jointly organized with MCA. Is that why he was so off-guard, unable to detect grassroots feelings.

With UMNO it's different with the grassroots, which they chewed and trampled on!

Dong Zong is sure no cow grass, one! :))

Anway, he should have brought along the MCA Spice Girls with him! That would at least deflect attention away from him.

Salak said...

[“For decades, Umno has ‘not allowed’ the smart ones to join the party. That is why many doctors have joined PAS. This ultimately makes it difficult for Umno to find suitable candidates in ensuring victory in the elections,” Mahathir told Bernama on Wednesday.]

Actually he is right. The real medical doctors went over to PAS. The "spin doctors" and bomohs stayed with their Chief!

The whole country was spun mad with Proton whose obsolete engine Mitsubishi wanted to throw into the Japan Sea!