Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Descent into depravity | Chin Huat "kebas" balik !

It's unspeakable.

Things gone bonkers for BN politics. First Rais Yatem couldn't tell between 20,000.00 and 200,000.00 Bersih protestors. Now this puny little man Kayveas says Bersih supporters WERE PAID to walk that April Day. He's gone off his rockers. Those butt rockers in front of Ambiga's house and disturbing the neighborhood were! RM50 each they said.

And now a Bersih 3.0 point-man Wong Chin Huat, with flames tied to his ears demanded an apology from Kayveas! With the blanket of dusts in hazy sky above you, wouldn't you be hot! Maybe the dusts clogged Kayveas' brains! Maybe not. He could have spoken from his butt!

Kayveas [L] | Wong Chin Huat[R]
Pix - Malaysian Insider

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