Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Egypt and renewal | Maybe a little Spun but defintely not Sphinxed

“If Egypt is to succeed at building a society based on the rule of law, it could be a model. If, however, the core issues that propelled the revolution aren't addressed, consequences could be catastrophic.”

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peng said...

Salak, sometimes it is not the bread and butter issues that drive a revolution. As Dalia polling revealed, it is experience versus expectation. When a government continually lies to her people, when expectation has been hyped up by false figures, when the glowing economic reports do not translate into dollar and cents, that's when there will be catastrophic reaction.

Salak said...

The figures were right, at least the national growth figures - there was growing prosperity, but they got poorer with less jobs (which shouldn't be) housing problems similarly shouldn't be because growth should give them adequate income for housing.

As in Malaysia, the few got richer - an unjust situation. Could they influence things? They didn't as only 4% aired their grievances. Then things blew up, there was a flash point.

But its about freedom - better equity and more participation, the need for democracy.

Others, it's all hyposcrisy - there was growth but life got harder ...same as in Malaysia ...they got underwater income in the French tongkangs, for instance.

If they didn't have freedom, we don't have none! Now the Great Kutty wants to stifle Internet!!!