Sunday, September 16, 2012

Longevity? | Possible with a "good" Education System

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Who would believe that a long life can be obtained with just praying daily, eating long noodles and pausing a while before you leave the house when you hear a bad bird call?

Muhyiddin Yassin, Education Minister might with his new BluePrint.

There are enough things to kill us all we'd freeze to death just figuring out all the options. The trouble is, leave it to people like Muhyiddin and Najib, the Malays especially and all else on two legs will have higher mortality with that dumb BluePrint. In any case, sometime ago Mudhyiddin killed a part of education when he screwed up on the Stamford scam.. But he had the Johore State bail him out under some pretext.

But having a good education for the nation is one thing. To complement what a decent education system or philosphy is another. The simple answer is tiresome to repeat but its really and simply, good governance!

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