Friday, December 7, 2012

IN THE RAW | Excesses of Malaysian Government, Home Minister and Police

14-year old Aminulrasyid

"The Government, Home Ministry and IGP must tender a public apology to the family of Aminulrasyid on the false allegations made against Aminulrasyid and his family after his death," the statement added.

It also recalled that Aminulrasyid's friend Azamuddin Omar, who was at the scene, had lodged a report that police had attempted to murder him during the incident.

"No action has been taken against any police officer on Azammudin's report," the statement added.

In the incident which shocked Malaysians, Aminulrasyid was shot at the back of his head by police while he and a friend were traveling in a Proton Iswara. The police later claimed he was involved in armed robbery, drawing angry reactions from family and friends.

In his report, Azamuddin who was with him in the car said they were chased by a team of policemen in an MPV as soon as they overtook them. One of the policemen then kicked and punched him when he got out to surrender, before he escaped and went home.

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