Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WANTS | What the Prime Minister wants

Muslims want Him! Christians want Him!

All Malaysians want Allah; less a few of the rest. Actually, if we had a political party with His name, we'd probably capture any Malaysian General Election. That's a good thing. Or isn't it?

All Malaysians want Him! All for Allah. Allah is Great... Allahu Akhbar!

The majority of Allah followers want Him. Are they Free to be Muslims? Or His followers? Since they are not why did the Malaysian Government under UMNO/BN declare Malaysia a Muslim State, purportedly in its Constitution?

Not all think PM Najib or Ex-PM Mathathir is great or greater. However PM Najib was not in techincal error when he said :

“I don’t want to be Prime Minister for only a particular section of the community. I’m Prime Minister for all Malaysians, and I’ve said that repeatedly.” Dec 25, 2012

He is politically incorrect. It ain't what HE wants. It's what all Malaysia's myriad of communities need. No PM can ever give that. Fundamental rights are never given - they subsist with citizens, be they knowingly or not.

However, many would say, PM Najib is not even their Prime Minister. If he ain't many Malaysians' Prime Minister, then who is?

Like all humanoids on 2 legs, you've had your share of unsavoury "life" things. If all people behaved, Allah would have less work to do, since all Malaysians are already tweeting, facebooking, blogging and messaging of him in some ways. The Atheists among the population must think, unemployment is 100% in heaven. But if too many in any nation are unemployed, its no better than hell. Would that be the reason why they say all dogs go to heaven?

Isn't that good? Even for bizness? Surely, Allah is not just bizness? There's a caveat on that many insist: they say we should rule our lives in the Spirit of His Law ... and not BY HIS LAW or Bye-bye to His Law. Wouldn't you wonder what Rais Yatem would say? Whatever, his hair won't stand on ends!

Tabung Haji is more religiously enlightened: in the Name of Allah, they had bailed out a land scam deal some child or children of Allah in UMNO had brokered that had related to some Oath, though such sleaze is not ever, should never forever ever, be in Allah's name. In fact, Tabung Haji has been helping politicians steal lands in Sabah, Sarawak and all over. Still many people would swear that there has been so many public Oaths declared in Malaysia. In any case, Tabung Haji is embalmed in their Holy service for the Hijrah or spiritual migration. It's not quite clear where the destination of the exodus should be. Perhaps, UMNO knows. Don't UMNO always know?

Tabung Haji's wanton act is damning as this scam has nothing to do with Allah or his religion or who want Him or who don't.

Someone had asked .. why all these?

Maybe the Judges have an answer. They just affirmed that FELDA which could only have a member as its Chairman, now say the Law can be broken and that Isa Samad, not a member can. Yes, he can. You wonder if we have problems in laws. Not that we don't have son-in-laws, father-in-laws or all the outlaws who rob our country.

Then it must be the evil of Capitalism. If you have some kind of "ism" of some sort, you'd earn being labelled a capitalist pig! Well, for the persistent backaches people have, you'd wish like I would, have four legs. That would take off the strain of being a bi-pedal.

But is Capitalism the culprit in our lives? Muslim terrorist? The JI? In Malaysia, consider the ills of the nation: all the daylight robbery going on and the needless wanton loss of lives of its innocent citizens in accidents, murders in Police lockups and government premises, cardiac arrests, diseases and radiation hazards. It must be capitalism. But why not communism? Well, all communists, good and bad, have long been dead and gone. There are though those, however, who say Marx lives. But then, if its the Muslim terrorists, why would the Malaysian Christians want Allah whose followers are terrorists? Maybe they don't like capitalist terrorists?

So what does the PM want? For Malaysia? You won't have the slightest idea. By his statement, it says he only knows what he doesn't want. And not many Malaysians want him as their PM. You wonder what of other things that Malaysians want.

Or more correctly, need!

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