Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GE13 PRU13 | The Stain on SPR / EC

Lady Macbeth stung! No Stain! See?

Like they say, when there's good there's evil.

The Election Laws affecting GE13 is a doodle. Instead of dipping your index finger in, it'll be painted in a strip. There's just too much work dipping your finger in. The indelible ink for Malaysia's Election Commission(SPR) is fraught with the good and evil maxim. It's now delible! Perhaps SPR might do their job better if THEY do the ELECTING of Malaysian lawmakers. Wouldnt that be more efficient? It will be good for obedient Malaysians.

But lest sane Malaysians think this is a joke, any normal guy out there is all shook up because the EC Worker did not shake the damn bottle!

Shouldn't we hear what really EC Chairman have to say?

What to say? Nak kato apo?

Read MORE here ...Explain, Please EC! [#!!! Link is dead, probably hacked, see full article below]

EC told to explain delible 'indelible ink'

Harakahdaily, 30 April 2013

Apr 30: Hours after advance voting started this morning, the social media were flooded with images of the removable 'indelible ink' marked on voters' fingers.

The discovery by voters led to a barrage of questions being heaped on the Election Commission, which had been dismissing public concerns over irregularities of the electoral system.

The EC had claimed that the ink would last for about a week.

PAS lawyer Asmuni Awi said the party received many complaints from army and police officers that the indelible ink can be washed away from one's index finger using just water and soap.

“We have received many complaints that the indelible ink used today is not permanent and could be washed. Is this true? If so, PAS wants explanation from EC because it had given its assurance that the indelible ink could last at least three days,” Asmuni told a press conference held in Ipoh.

He expressed concerns that the development would lead to double voting on polling day this Sunday.

Despite voters showing how the indelible ink could easily come off, EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof insisted that there was no such thing.

“Impossible, I do not believe the indelible ink can be removed by any oil-based lubricant... the ink is made from silver nitrate. When the ink is put on the fingernail, it will seep into the skin,” he was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insider.

Aziz urged complainants to come forward to prove their claims. On police’s report lodged by several Pakatan Rakyat leaders on the incident, Aziz said he would leave it to the police.

Political analyst Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff meanwhile questioned Aziz’s sincerity in resolving the matter.

“The people are voting on May 5. Can the police and EC detail their investigation results before then?” he asked.

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Salak said...

There's a simple way to make the dumb ink unstuck. Don't know?

If the EC workers have alcohol ready to swab off the whole finger BEFORE application and the ink is really a sticko, it should last till after May 5.

What you could do if you want to cheat is "grease" your finger! Then soon after, it'll come off! With what? Well, Sapi or Babi fat!

The issue is - ARE THE EC WORKERS EQUIPPED WITH SUITABLE solvent to apply to the finger BEFORE applying the INK?

Jong said...

There's definitely corruption within EC/SPR where they slip in fake bottles of so-called 'indelible ink' with the genuine ones otherwise how could many have claimed they managed to wash off the ink from their fingers with ease. Having said that, I had mine on for a whole 2 weeks!

Tried hard to get rid of it on 5th May 2013 itself with all sorts you name it - soap detergent, colgate, nail polish remover, whisky, brandy etc. I was desperate to get it out because had to fly to UK days later.

Salak said...

After GE, it seems clear that the i-ink was a smokescreen & bluff. Your name would have been struck off the control list anyway unless you appear at another constituency.

It's just so they put up that public act and plant into minds that they're straight and true. We know they are not!

Mine came off under 75 mins! Why on earth do I want a black finger all day?