Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the Rotten Fuel Hike - debated

It's still rotten! The Cheek didn't make "rotan" out of it.

With the (Shabery) Cheek's main thrust of the debate being personal attacks and everyone is hiking prices, therefore hike is good and normal. That speaks a lot about the proponent of being civilized!

The Cheek is sick. He was foaming at the corner of his mouth! Wonder whether there's an epidemic amongst the Ministers!

Shabery: Anwar hasn’t changed much. Those who built Petronas - Razak, Mahathir, Abdullah - Anwar has opposed them. If we continue to ask more money from Petronas to subsidise the country, we could end up poorer and Petronas could end up being taken over. Our GDP growth is 6 per cent, much better than many others. The debate now shows how open the government has become.

Anwar: Among oil producers, our price is high. If we want our economy to be strong, if we continue in this direction, our economy will be severely undermined. That’s why I am committed to explaining to the people. I will not respond to Shabery’s personal attacks. I don’t have space on RTM after this. I give you my assurance that i will contest in a by-election in the shortest time.

Anilnetto sums up the main debate issue. Check it out there.

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