Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Management lacks Integrity

When creativity, talent and skill are present in a management that's sorely lacking in integrity, the simple solution of SOCIETY is - SEND THE BUGGER TO PRISON!!!

Reactions to the problem:


There are two sides to every story :-) Regardless, to architect an infrastucture where a singel person has the ability to threaten or disrupt - shame on management.+++

Jack K1 :
I bet the "performance" issues dealt with Childs pestering managers about the network's poor security implementation - and the managers figured it would be easier to fix him than fix the problem.

I see a Dilbert strip in the making.+++

There should be a method to tag idiots who do this type of thing. The penalty must include, no future employment in IT for Terry Childs. Building and creating takes brains, creativity and work ethic. This guy is officially out of the club.+++

The Story:

July 15, 2008 11:07 AM PDT
San Francisco IT worker arrested in hijacking of city network
Posted by Elinor Mills 19 comments

A network administrator for the city of San Francisco has been arrested on charges of taking control of the city's computer network and locking administrators out, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Terry Childs, 43, was due to be arraigned on Tuesday after his arrest Sunday. He remains in jail on $5 million bail.

Childs, who has worked for the city for five years, is accused of tampering with the new Fiber Wide Area Network after allegedly being disciplined for poor performance. He is accused of electronically spying on his supervisors and their attempt to fire him, according to authorities.

Officials told the newspaper they were making some headway into regaining access to the system, but they fear that Childs has rigged a system to remotely destroy data.

Meanwhile, the network is up and running despite the fact that administrators have limited to no access.

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