Saturday, August 16, 2008

Biggest event since Merdeka - Permatang Pauh : what it was like there

Anwar Ibrahim - Nomination day in Permatang Pauh, 16/08/2008

[Top Left]Lim Kit Siang(DAP), Nik Aziz (PAS) among PKR leaders
[Top Right]The crowds of PR supporters & well-wishers
[Bottom Left]Jazzing it up!
[Bottom Right]Zorro remasked!

So what else happened?

It appeared that the BN men were booed at. Cries of “pembunuh”(murderer) and “Altanuya!, Altantuya!” were heard. Hardly complimentary!

When compliments were paid to Puteri UMNO they (complimenters) must have been quiet. But the ladies were not and decried the "buttock binching" by the PKR men!

Some people are hard to please. The Police were quiet, too!

Thunderstorms are forecast for the next 3 days over Penang and Permatang Pauh. It would be difficult to plead with voters if it rains and if eager party workers are drenched to the bone.


Antares said...

August 27 Anwar Ibrahim will be the new Opposition Leader. I call upon my sweet friends in Sarawak: COME JOIN US IN OUR DREAM OF A NEW ERA OF FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL IN MALAYSIA! Time to get rid of the rotten old BN government that breeds nothing but greed, hypocrisy and moral decay. Tell your MPs to DEFECT! NOW IS THE TIME TO END KETUANAN RAKSASA, KETUANAN MELAYU, KETUANAN LANUN... AND ESTABLISH KETUANAN RAKYAT!!!

Salak, Sarawak said...

Our MPs or empties are at this moment probably biting their nails off. Malaysian power politics may be deceptive sometimes. If money is being poured out into Pauh, a good amount might be from Sarawak as it had always been before. Once decent thinking Malaysians turn the tap off we'll give these junkies the cold turkey and give them some new meanings to simple things.

Many Sarawakian are in Pauh now. They could set many Sarawak MPs free when they return. If some Sarawakians have their way, we'd be a republic, and no one need ever be a Tuan of anybody or anything!

Thanks, antares!