Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More open flies - See Four Yourself or "get hoisted by your own petard! "

When UMNO or Mahathir threw out Dr Chandra Muzaffar from UM, beware all other UM people, he founded Parti KeAdilan together with others and became its Deputy President. Some iinternal struggle for leadership came to a head and Chandra quit. Not long after, he sided with UMNO/BN and became its "brainy" poster boy. Many thought and still do that Chandra was never really in PKR but all the time in the UMNO/BN fold. But this is mere speculation. It would be more acceptable to say that he defected to the BN camp sanitizing BN's less ethical or moral stance. He recently highlighted that Anwar Ibrahim's open declartion of courting BN's MP's as undemocrative undemocratic and unethical..

Chandra's solid faith in his new found pulpit with BN has drawn a lot of flak. When there are rampant examples of BN's unethical practices in all the previous general elections, the sorry state of the Judiciary, and the excesses of the those in power including the Police are considred, not many would stake their underpants on the incoherence of Malaysia's politicians. Insuniating Anwar's open declaration to return to Parliament as "back door" many are roiled by his inconsistency. Khalid Jaafar wrote a stinging rebuttal and leaves Chandra "hoisted by his own petard"---or in more present day terms "C4ed himself" !

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