Sunday, September 7, 2008

FUSION: Hari Ini | Today | Reason rhymed, youth in years

KRU croons Ramlee

Losing your lot in translation is easy. I'm trying to figure out what P Ramlee is saying. Some say it's this:

The stirring of my soul
Overcomes my heart
Arranged by the notes
Of rhythm and song
If it's only modest
Perhaps it could stir
Realise all you mortals
Never will they vanish
Rhythm and song
It will bloom
It will always linger
If they be seperated
The song and rhythm and song
They'll be soulless and weak
And empty

I think it's this:

It quakes and it shakes
In its path miseries unbaked
But in rythmn there's rhyme
soundless muted in mime
silence tears up no sky
But it calls, Awake! Ask why

Reason with rhyme
Will march in time
As rich in blooms
In hopes past glooms

Or rythmn Reason less rhyme
limps plundered and asunder
Leaves hopes forlorn
embittered defeated unwon

Or so, it goes! Curse me, if you like!!!

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