Monday, September 8, 2008

HONEYMOON TOURS: Evenings in Taipeh for BN MPs

{Indigenous Taiwanese}
Some anthropologists historians believe early Malaysians might
have come from Taiwan

"...Tiong King Sing, chairman of the National Front Backbenchers Club, said more than 40 lawmakers flew to Taiwan for an agricultural study tour Monday and that around 10 more will join them Tuesday. The trip will stretch through next week, but there is no confirmed date for their return.

Tiong denied the visit was timed to foil Anwar's threat. ..." - AP

Our MPs work very hard. In this Ramadhan they should be given breaks. They'll need those for the fasting.

Would you not wonder whether Pak Lah really isn't such a bad guy, after all? He could have obtained Taiwanese citizenship for them so they really don't need to return. Even if they do, their old passports will not be worth the paper they're printed on.

If you ask for my opinion, the 190 or so left could leave with those and don't have to come back. I'm sure they would be welcome in very many places. Zimbabwe would need inputs of fresh funds for their bustling economy, which many may refute to be more like busted, with inflation at some 700%.

Our inflation rate is now something like 1.75% of that making it feel like double digit. If you like 3-D, you can go see Magnum.

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