Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jalan Alor - flowing stream on a Street

Jalan Alor - A small Sungai Wang

| Pix: The Star |

The peversion of the political-economy, I thought is the Bush doctrine! “Let’s make the pie taller!” so OKU’s can’t reach up!

Is it all about the economy or is it about humanity? Or is it about nothing else, but … !

There are a few economic possibilities.

Of course, we could increase productivity by making more bullets and bombs and better software to hack or crack jet avionics.

Work up numbers so we can easily reach the absolute point - all the global property, physical and intellectual equal to so much money until we have no where to go! Or we beat up derivatives again and create ‘non-cent’ !

And Wallah! Destroy all that, and start the numbers again!

We could start bartering again, even to butter up our lives. Of the 6.75 billions humans on this planet, there must be one genius who could work out a ‘better’ deal, with the butter, of course!

The irony is, no one will work if there is no poverty!

Let’s go to market - to Jalan Alor where there is a black one! ;)

The IRD are busy there!

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