Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mat Tyson - Fully garbed and brutally honest

Rural and Regional Minister Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib


Mat Tyson seems to imply that Malays and all bumiputeras are dumb. He never ceases this unrelenting dumbing-down even to take a breath.

You have to ask him who he means. ;))

He is supposed to make a clever response to Zaid's speech at LawAsia 2008 on Friday 31st October, which might perhaps be about a completely different kettle of fish.

Maybe Bernama wants to make fun of him to the literate Malaysians or Bernama had a terrible sense of humor for their masters!

Muhammad: Malay supremacy can only be a reality if race is successful

SHAH ALAM, Nov 1 - Malay supremacy can only be a reality if the Malays had positive traits to become a race that was successful, said Rural and Regional Minister Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.

He said it was no use clamouring for Malay supremacy if Malays did not show superiority in important fields like the economy and others.

As such, he said, talk about Malay supremacy was mere rhetoric as what was more important was how Malays educated the younger generation to use Article 153 in the Constitution on Malay privileges to take the race to greater heights.

“As such, (Datuk) Zaid Ibrahim might have misunderstood that Malay supremacy is not mere sloganeering but a programme to take the Malays forward as provided for under Article 153,” he told reporters after opening the biennial general meeting of the Selangor branch of the Former Education Service Officers Assocition of Malaysia here today.

Zaid, who resigned as de facto law minister and senator recently, had said when addressing the 21st Law Asia Conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, that the concept of Malay supremacy had failed and was a distraction from the real issues confronting the country.

In Penang, the Bagan Umno division, which held its delegates meeting today, unanimously passed a resolution calling for Articles 152 and 153 of the Constitution pertaining to the status of Islam and Malay privileges not to be politicised. - Bernama

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