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Mamak Daud pissed in his pants: When a butcher won't bet!

Anwar, Lim visits to S’wak show state govt not scared: Daud

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KUCHING: Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman yesterday said being scared was not why Padang Serai (Kedah) MP N. Gobalakrishnan was denied entry into Sarawak on Christmas Eve.

Describing the no-entry as an “isolated case”, Daud, the Barisan Nasional backbone Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu vice president, said the government generally allowed people to enter the state even if they were personalities like Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Democratic Action Party advisor Lim Kit Siang.

“We practise an open policy. Generally we allow people to enter Sarawak. We do not stop them from entering Sarawak. We let them in because we are not afraid of the opposition. We even have allowed Anwar and Lim Kit Siang to enter,” he told reporters after a function here yesterday.

Daud, who is also Tupong assemblyman, was commenting the latest issue where the PKR supreme council member cum Padang Serai MP (Kedah) N Gobalakrishnan was refused entry upon his arrival at the Kuching International Airport here on Christmas Eve.

When told that the Immigration Department refused the MP entry because of a directive from the State Secretariat, Daud said he was in the dark.

“I don’t know. I was not in the picture. But then again it’s up to the discretion of the Immigration Department,” he said.

When contacted yesterday Gobalakrishnan admitted that he was denied entry into Sarawak on Dec 26, 2008 because of his recent negative comments in Parliament about Sarawak.

He said he had already instructed lawyers here to initiate legal action against the relevant parties over the matter.

Gobalakrishnan admitted to having told Parliament issues relating to infrastructural development, particularly that of Kapit and Hulu Rajang; corruption; oil royalty and native customary land.

He was denied entry at the immigration counter of the Kuching International Airport around 5.30pm on Dec 24.

Immigration officers handed over to him a notice containing suggestions that he was not a resident of Sarawak and that he would only be allowed entry if he had a permit from the State.

“The moment I reached KIA, immigration officers told me that I was not allowed to enter due to an instruction from the State government. An officer gave me a notice which read: ‘Tuan bukan rakyat Sarawak, tidak berhak untuk masuk ke Sarawak tanpa permit atau pas Akta Imigresen 1959-1963’ (You are not a citizen of Sarawak and are not eligible to enter Sarawak without a permit or immigration pass),” he said.

State PKR liaison chief Dominique Ng who is Padungan assemblyman rushed to the airport to negotiate with immigration officials but failed.

Gobalakrishnan then boarded an AirAsia flight back to Kuala Lumpur at 9.50pm on the same day.

Yesterday an immigration spokesman said that the refusal of entry against the MP was a directive from the State Secretariat.

Although the Immigration Department had refused him entry by virtue of Section 66 (1) of the Immigration Act 1959, Gobalakrishnan claimed that the state could not simply use its autonomy on immigration on any MP.

He claimed that by virtue of Section 66 (1) (c), no member of any convention in the country should be prevented from entering Sarawak or even Sabah.

By ‘convention’, he meant any MP or state assemblymen in Malaysia because these are members of a ‘convention’ like parliament and state legislative assemblies.

“How can you kick parliament out? I am also sad with being denied entry because I could not spend Christmas Eve with my ‘adopted family’ at Rumah Jugah in Sungai Sut, Kapit and attend the wedding of a friend at the same area, apart from missing several events like a seminar for PKR supporters in Lubok Antu, a meeting with state PKR leaders in Kuching and Ngemah assemblyman Gabriel Adit’s open house,” the MP said.

He revealed that his ‘adopted father’ Jugah Lidi was not related to family members of the late Tun Jugah Barieng.

Gobalakrishnan said so far he was the first and only member of PKR who had been refused entry into the State. But he said he believed more Peninsular Malaysia-based MPs, particularly from PKR, would be banned from the state because of their choice or brand of politics.

“So far I am the only one from PKR who has been refused entry. The last politician denied entry was the then DAP secretary-general Lim Kit Siang (now DAP advisor) but that was in the early 1970s. I think there will be more who will be banned from the state,” he said.

PKR information chief Chua Tian Chong alias Tian Chua said he had nothing against Sarawak’s autonomy on immigration if it was to ensure that locals were gainfully employed.

The Batu MP said he would support such measure anytime.

“But I could not agree with the denial of entry of an MP just because he is from the opposition. How can that be when we are living in a democratic country? To target MPs just because they are from the opposition is an abuse of power,” he said.

A news portal Malaysiakini had been playing up the issue since Dec 24, the latest being a claim that Sarawak may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsular Malaysia-based politicians, including PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim “in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition”.


Salak said...

The Dayaks have changed! Some Melayus have too. Looks like the Melanaus and Mamaks won't! Like the Grandpa Mamakfler in KL.

What will Badawai, the Sapi say? Malaysian citizens cannot enter their own country?

Salak said...

Quote of the Day :

[Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things to get himself envied.
Mark Twain

shrek said...

Travelling to Kuching with an American friend, he was surprised that I had to present a Malaysian Passport just to enter Kuching. My passport was stamped "Permitted to enter Not for Employment or Business"
My friend was flabbergasted that a Malaysian needs a passport to travel from one state to another and not allowed to be employed within Malaysia.
Malaysia is so screwed up. Perhaps on one of his trip to Sarawak the Immigration should stop Badawee from entering as he visit Sarawak too often and may be doing business or being employed in Sarawak.

Jong said...

What is the PM of ALL Malaysians has to say, yeah I am interested to know?

Is Sarawak in Malaysia?
Are we all not Malaysians?
Do we need to seek the Immigration Department permission to enter another state of Malaysia?

I remember more than a decade ago when the state of Sabah was under opposition(then) PBS, that Mamakfler made a big fuss of it, ridiculed the PBS government for screening West Malaysians and that we needed a passport to enter the state. Right now they still screen us, we need to produce our Mykad otherwise it's "No Entry"!

What has changed since then? Cakap tak serupa bikin! As the ruling Federal component party of Barisan Nasional, unless you are so insecured why should there be any screening for West Malaysians and their politicians entering Sarawak? Come on Taib Mahmud and Company, don't be idiots, turn your focus on illegals from Philipines and Indonesia, these are the aliens you should be afraid of, not your fellow Law-Makers, stupid!

We the rakyat put you there to work and do a good job for this nation, so do it, no ifs no buts!

Jong said...

Shrek and Salak,

This Umno-led government is really screwed up. Take eg the motor vehicle safety belt issue. They want motorists to belt up yet they practise double standards, said cars/vehicles purchased before 1995 need not have safety belts for rear passengers. Does that mean that those rear passengers of cars/vehicles deserve to die?

The bunch of asshats up there in the government should be shot! I was in town this morning and one nissan van with a Malay couple infront, had about 4 kids at the back and they were fighting and playing at the rear seats. When I drove near him, I was shocked to find the driver had a 2 year old kid on his lap while driving.

These are the problems this government need to look into, educate the public and keep the country safe, not pick on opposition law-makers. They have all their priorities wrong!

Salak said...

Shrek, Jong,

The stupid belt thing has nothing to with safety of drivers or passaengers. Some sicko just want some money from selling us belts which proton or any manufacturer can give free!

You know what they really also want?

They want us to "belt up" and shut up! So much for the Sapis who steal from all the Lembus, like us! :))

shrek said...

Jong, Salak
How to belt down 4 kids when there's only 3 belts in rear of cars? Haven't seen one with 4 rear seat belts yet.
Seat belts won't help small child. They need to install child safety seats for kids under 5 years old.
All these knee jerk reaction by government. Just because studies show less death when rear passengers are belted down government decide to pass law on rear safety belts. The intent is good but implementation sucks. Just like the others
Flashing beacon for safety. But in Malaysia the colors are caca marba. Even small kancil also have flashing beacon. Turns out to be driving school car. I thought it was an emergency vehicle or ambulance. Colors are important, red and blue for police and yellow for tow trucks, red, yellow and white for ambulance.

In Malaysia ambulance have blue beacons, even Chik Sin Thong hearse have blue lights. Scared the shit out of me one day seeing blue light in my rear view mirror, pull over to far left only to see hearse pass by takingh someone to happy hunting ground.

At night miles away I see flashing light. Thought must be an accident or something. Turns out to be a truck. Some trucks have beacons while others don't.

Once I was following a truck with a red flag in the rear. Followed too closely. Seems this is one of the accordian truck. One day long one day short. Full of surprises.

7 people in a nissan van OK Jong. 7 in a family on a honda cub? Have seen many, perhaps vying for Malysia books of records. Imagine how many death from just one accident? How about being maimed for life?

shrek said...

In Malaysia, Ministers always say they have not been informed. It's always they are the last to know. Wonder where they've been hiding when working. Sometime wonder what they really know.

Wah State Secretariat that powerful one huh? Next time Gobala should travel by land from Sabah to Sarawak.

Salak, you need to start a thread on Policy versus Implementation. We'll probably see record hits man.

Salak said...

Good idea, shrek,

It's about time, too!

Where you come from, this will be good practice for journalism, history and economics undergrads to horn skills.

In Sarawak, there's a muddled perspective. They've been around so long, it beats comparison and we change road names every half a decade. Then there's our soccer where we kick goal posts away instead of the ball! ;)

Salak said...

Hey! Mr Bean!

Where are you, Man?

We miss you here! Sad news about Ertha Kitt. Mrs Johnson invited her to the White House once. When it came to her turn, she said her piece about the husband, The Prez, sending young people to die in Vietnam! After dinner the car that came to fetch disappeared and she had to call a cab! :))

Not shrek, but my other friend says, it's raining in California. Either Arnie is sneezing or workers are crying. They say State employees there have to take 2 months free holidays - meaning free to the State. These are truly hard times!

BTW, shrek, I must remember to let you on where you may get sambal laksa Sarawak in California, remind me, pls! :D

Bean, you won't ever miss 'bubur kacang' lah, you nut! :))

Mr Bean said...


Nothing like a remix

What were you guys doin' when this song took to the airwaves in 1983? I was working in Penang.

This song reminds me of a disco I loved to go when in Bangkok called 'Diana'. There was this guy in Thai military uniform standing at the door of the hotel. He would stand to attention and give me a military salute each time. Not to embarass him I'd return the salute!

Mr Bean said...

I think he thought I was a Thai General in mufti!

Mr Bean said...

In 1983, you must still be in diapers, Salak.

shrek said...


Must be a Thai muslim general being appointed a Mufti ha ha ah kob chai mak mak
Is that disco on Patpong Road or Sukhumvit Road?
1983 in Penang is lame man. Should have been there in the late 60's and 70's with all the ANZAC military personnel from the Butterworth base on R&R.

Yes it's raining in California these past week. 2 cold winter storms one after another. Snow level fell to 2500 feet with 4 to 8 feet of snow in the Sierras. It's below freezing at my plce every night. Kill all my plants. Now have to tanam new crop of serai, kunyit, bawang and all the other herbs.

California suffering from severe budget cuts, tax shortfalls so state employees are told to take unpaid vacation, some even layoffs. Some local government employees have been laid off including school district employees.

Salak said...

So Obama fed you people to the weather! :))

He's down in Hawaii and hula-hawaiing! :))

What's wrong with making Tahiti, Hawaii the US Capital? That would be something - continental US as an Island and Hawaii a continent! That would be bad news!

Mr Bean said...


Late 60s I was running after Rosmah who was a year or two my junior in MU :)

That time she's still cute - still a virgin :)

shrek said...

Never knew Obama was left handed. Saw him tee off on a course in Hawaii.

Che Det doesn't like US but he tried to copy US in as many way possible. Notice Putrajaya is laid out similar to the Mall in DC, anchored on one end by the Capitol and the other by White House.
See Malaysian flag is very similar to US flag, red and white stripes and blue corner with stars.

US has Federal district and Malaysia have Federal Territory.

Maybe Malaysia can make Labuan the Federal capital. It's already a federal territory. Nice thought especially Sabah and Sarawk are larger in size than peninsula. Salak, time to buy land around Labuan.

shrek said...

Poor taste Bean. Late 60's Sarimah was the choice.
How did you know Che Mah Chot was a virgin in 5th college? Thought she lost it in Form 4. Anyway bad news for men thinking of 72 virgins. Doctors can now restore virginity using sows ears. See see only no touchy.

Salak said...

[In 1983, you must still be in diapers, Salak. - Bean]

It wasn't such a bad time, Bean!

You get to shelter under anybody's skirt or sarung? :))

Salak said...

Yeah, shrek,

I saw pixes of Sarimah in her twenties. She was just beautiful - to adore just by looking at a picture.

Well, of course nobody can beat Ruth Sahanaya! :))

shrek said...


Like Sarimah in those Jefri Zain(?) movies. Somehow Yusop Majid got lucky.

Ruth is pretty and talented. Too many choices tho there's Novia Kolopaking, Betharia Sonatha, Yuni Shara, Ratih Purwasih, Andi Meriem and Desy Ratnasari just to name a few.

Mr Bean said...

"How did you know Che Mah Chot was a virgin in 5th college? "

Because I got there first before anybody else? That's how I know. Din Merican came a close second.

shrek said...


How's her kemut(ion) No wonder no more Keris Always, Keris tumpul kah? Heard some people could make u turn in there. 5th college had plenty of ration negara. Did Che Mah Chot have home made undies?

Salak said...

You two carry on. I have to turn in.

Good night!

Mr Bean said...

The flag? It wasn’t Mahathir. You’re fast losing your marbles, Shrek.

Tunku was so inspired by the United States that he had the country’s flag designed after the “Stars and Stripes”. He also assigned the same sculptor Felix DeWeldon who carved out the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C. to also carve out the country’s Memorial that now stands in the Lake Garden.

Breaking away from tradition, Mahathir fanned anti-American sentiment instead. If he had his way he would have a massive statute of himself much like that of Saddam Hussein (this one has a middle to show) standing in front of the Federal Court in testimony to his legacy.

Mr Bean said...

On the issue of barring the entry of Malaysians from peninsular Malaysia to Sarwawak and Sabah, the law is spelt out clearly in the country's Immigration Act 1959/63 - Sec 66(1), Sec 66(1)(c) and Sec. 67.

The mala fide use of its powers by the state government of Sarawak is obvious for all to see. The individual barred from entering has the burden of proof to show that the decision was made mala fide. It is a matter for the courts.

Mr Bean said...

The burden is not on the state government to show proof of any kind. Much like what happens under the Internal Security Act when the burden of proof is reversed.

Sec. 66 framed the way it is easily lends itself to abuse.

The shoe is on the wrong foot so to speak.

shrek said...


You're right forgot that Pak Tam, Tunku was the one enamored with the US so much so he was driven in a Chevy during Merdeka celebrations. What I was alluding to was another Kedahan rhetoric on US and how the US is the devil, yet wouldn't make a move to change the flag which was similar to the US.

Jong said...


What a lousy remix! Memang tak suka, so out of tempo, the drums tak langsong sesuai. It should have that Latin beat, then that would be lovely.
Thanks for trying, too bad I don't agree with you on this remix.