Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saudi girl, eight, married off to 58-year-old is denied divorce

An eight-year old Saudi Arabian girl who was married off by her father to a 58-year-old man has been told she cannot divorce her husband until she reaches puberty.

Lawyer Abdu Jtili said the divorce petition was filed by the unnamed girl's divorced mother in August after the marriage contract was signed by her father and the groom. "The judge has dismissed the plea because she [the mother] does not have the right to file, and ordered that the plea should be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty," lawyer Abdullah Jtili told the AFP news agency.

The case was handled by a court in Qasim province, north of the Saudi capital Riyadh. The girl does not know she is married, said Jtili, adding that he will appeal.

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shrek said...

Perverts under the guise of Islam. Cradle robber. He should be charged with statutory rape. The contract is null and void. How can an 8 year old girl enter into a contract. The father should be sent to a men's colony and sentenced for child slavery under UN Human trafficking.
Shrek is sure there are many many more laws that can be applied. The King should interfere. He is supposedly the guardian of the Kaabah, Islam holiest shrine and a model for all Muslims. No wonder many people describe the Saudis as stone worshipper. Someone even wrote a book called Hijacking of Islam.

Salak said...

[ He is supposedly the guardian of the Kaabah - shrek ]

Perhaps, shrek, there really is a reason to go for Hajj - to stone the biggest evil ever!

The Kaabah is good bizness. Money pouring in every year, without fail, to those few devils.

The stark reality is the inequality of income, masked only by the solemn attire of white similar for everyone. And yet, the evil lingers on.

Smacks you right in the face and yet the UMNO goons keep this on!

That said, I was touched by cotton garments made from China, Indonesia and Pakistan which we could have bought from our home retail shops.

Mr Bean said...

Salak, Shrek what are you doin' here when there are many messages for you


Salak said...

What? Oh? Nanti tengok!

Dapat naplah 90 min! :D

Langit hitam macam buntut kuali! Lagi hujanlah petang nanti! :(

Jong said...

Eight(8) years old! Gosh, cradle robber! This is statutory rape of the highest order! I can't understand how some men can do it?

Give him a coke bottle!!!!!!

CT said...

No one with the sound mind will agree with this kind of married and even the Mufti denounced it.
But your comments:
1) "Perhaps, shrek, there really is a reason to go for Hajj - to stone the biggest evil ever!"

2) "That said, I was touched by cotton garments made from China, Indonesia and Pakistan which we could have bought from our home retail shops."

My Dear Salak,
There is a reason to go for Hajj because as Muslim the hajj is an obligation if we are physically and financially able to perform it because it is one of the Five Pillars Of Islam...and that’s the reason for us to go.You said you’ are Muslim so you know darn well why. By using the word “Perhaps”, I feel as though you are making fun of it!
You can buy the cotton garments from anywhere you like…no one is stopping you from doing so!
If you are angry with UMNO then be it but… please don’t touch anything about religion esp. Islam.

peng said...

I am sure this is one of the many cases of child abuse, whether sexually (child brides) or physically (child labor) that we know of. There are garment factories in India, Bangladesh exploiting children. All because of poverty. Salak, you have a point there about the unequal distribution of wealth. This is a social ill / evil of the modern day society.

shrek said...

CT and Salak
Shrek already went to stone the Syaitan at Jamrah end of 2005. Now Shrek heard they are building a 3 level Jamrah.
Yes white cotton ihram signify everyone is equal before God irregardless of status. Malaysia punya kain very thin and now Hajj is in winter. Shrek had 2. One thin Malaysian ihram and another thick towel like from US. Without the thick ihram Shrek would have frozen in Mina.
CT, don't think we are touching Islam. It's just the practise of certain Muslims that gave Islam a bad name.

CT said...

Thanks Shrek!

Jong said...

What is the point of travelling all the way to Saudi to stone the devil when we can't get rid of the devil in ourselves?

If truly and honestly by the practice of Islam UMNO were to send Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and deputy Ministers to Saudi to stone the syaitan at Jamrah, none will come back alive!

Salak said...


I couldn't put it any better than what shrek has done!

Thanks, Brother! ;)

["...the practise of certain Muslims that gave Islam a bad name..."]

Salak said...

Thank you, Brother Shrek!

And thank you, Sister CT!

Salak said...

Bakri Musa has an article on Islam and the Malay Mindset

Jong said...

Thank you Salak,
Thank you Shrek
Thank you sister CIT

I am reading you loud and clear!

Jong said...

oops, CT

Mr Bean said...

"Give him a coke bottle!" JONG

A man needs to drink coke while having sex?? That's news!

Jong said...

Figure it out man, what's that bastard going to do with an eight year old?!

CT said...

It's ok Jong!

Mr Bean said...

You know guys,

It would not be a bad idea if we have our own stone symbol of the Devil in Malaysia. The Devil is everywhere. So why can’t he be in Malaysia? He is after all God’s fallen angel, remember? God may be busy booting Bush out of Iraq right now. But He has no permanent address He too is everywhere. Imagine the amount of foreign exchange the country would save!

Imagine the boost it would give to our tourism industry when others flock to hurl stones at the Malaysian Devil.

But whatever happened to “Let the person without sin cast the first stone”??

Anyway, we gotta watch out for that contract that has to come and make sure no UMNO cronies get the contract of providing the stones from some UMNO owned quarry.

Mr Bean said...

"Figure it out man, what's that bastard going to do with an eight year old?!" JONG

Share a bottle of coke??

Jong said...


I think you have a good point. The stone symbol can be everywhere as there are devils. Malaysia should build one and save on all those foreign exchange. Then we line up all those corrupted politicians and their cronies to be stoned.

Salak said...

Actually, they have so much oil, they won't need out holidaymakers. They should have spent the money on the beaches in Terengganu.

With so much oil and the dollars those guys don't know what to do: they outdo do each other in gifts to Condi Rice. Bloody vain - we should stone those bloody devils! Poor Muslims save money just to go give to those jemabalng!

Then there are the bullets and the bombs!

Susahlah! Syaitan semua!

CT said...

Have you forgotten my dear Salak, Poor Muslims are not obligated to go for Hajj …why should they save money just to go there? It’s a misconception! They should improve their living standard first…that’s why the Hajj is the last of the five pillars of Islam. Anyway, I’m not trying to offend anybody…sorry if I did!

shrek said...

Yes Hajj is the last of the 5 pillars but Muslims must make an effort. That's why they have Tabung Haji to assist the Muslims to save. Shrek was also guilty for putting off the haj with all kinds of excuses, namely not enough money, children still schooling and many other trivial excuse. One fine day Shrek woke up and made a determination that Shrek will make the haj that year. Threw out all excuses and started Manasik Haji and alhamdullilah Shrek made it with some challenges, emotional as well as spiritual.
Muslims will need to be syukur. Allah has provided and will continue to provide. But man is always never satisfied. Give him a million he wants more. Never ending wants.

Mr Bean said...

He should be made to spend a night with Boy George.

CT said...

Salam Shrek… Alhamdulillah you have performed your Hajj! Tapi kan, kalau dah boleh menabung tuu, tak miskin lagi laaa…maknanya dah ada kelebihan :)) Anyway memang betul apa yang you kata “man is always never be satisfied” Sebab ada hadith nabi yang mengatakan begitu, manusia memang tak pernah puas, jika diberi satu lembah emas mereka akan mahu dua dan seterusnya…memang inilah sifat semula jadi kita manusia…nobody is perfect! Thanks Haji Shrek…Ooops just joking!:))