Friday, February 20, 2009

Bekenu : Mud magic, "Setarbak" and tombstones

Over the din of the mud slinging in the nation's Capital and the quagmire in Perak, Bekenu, Sarawak must be a refreshing rural rendevous.

There are large palm oil plantations in the region and there must be jobs around, hard work despite all the gloom and doom of the economy bustup. If you love rocks and formation and all geology, you could find something interesting there. You could find more oil under your feet. No, not above your brows: that's palm oil.

And the folks there are not really "uluish". They know brands and quality: they drink good coffee, "Setarbak". Next door there's a reminder for you to behave.

And what could give you the yen to go there has be the health pull - there are mud volcanoes there.

Who knows? Could make you healthier. Better than the mud they throw around in KL! That's for sure!


Jarod said...

haha! Wonderful... can show my STARBUCKS friend of how updated Sarawakian can be :)

Salak said...

I hope they don't get sued by Starbucks!

But maybe, the flattery could drive people to the real thing when they hit the nearest towns! And that would be Miri or KK! :))

Maybe Starbucks could send them the reject Stars quality coffee for mutual benefits! :))

Jong said...

What do they say? - "Immitation the nearest form of flattery"?

Salak said...

Sincerest form ! :))

What works will work - the other side of Murphy's law! And the competition rages on ...!

#To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment — often an unintended compliment. -

Salak said...

Why don't they let fresh air in there? It looks so dark in there! In 'Setarbak'!

I hope they don't do mud wrestling inside! Who knows? Najib might have brought over the mud slinging, literally! He was down in Kuching and the PR boys greeted him, right under my very nose! And I got to hear of it second hand! :(

Jarod said...

come to think of it, Sarawak should have The SETAR, Berita TAK Hairan, Berita UNTUKMU.. etc :)

shrek said...

Najib is going to berkempen di Nonok, Sarawak. Issue an APB to alert Sarawakians.

abangiskandar at said...

Love the story. I added the link in my facebook. Hope you don't mind.

Salak said...


So! You been there, huh!?

All names of Nonok in reference to a Sarawak location have been ERASED ! I'll bet you an air ticket from LA to Kuching, you won't find any! If you manage to in a sarong, I don't want to know! :))

What's wrong with Najib's sarung at home anyway? Or is he the one with the sarung at home?

Salak said...


You're most welcome!

I snitched them from a friend who doesn't yet know!

Thanks for popping by! :))

shrek said...

Been there several times. You can still google it, theres a river and a district named after it.

Salak said...


Which do you mean? Bekenu?

Bekenu reckons big amongst Miri political leaders. Obvious, the land for plantation.

They have some traditional leaders from there, some even with connections to Brunei, maybe. Not really sure, but possible!

shrek said...

Not Bekenu but the one that refers to the part of the female anatomy which has been erased from all maps.