Saturday, February 21, 2009

Perak in Limbo: Snake oil and 'Gambir Sarawak'

Snake oil, that magic potion, which is supposed to cure anything ailing you from a headache to a complicated auto-immune problem is getting popular again. It's cousin, Gambir Sarawak, that aphrodisiac from the sap of some tree in Sarawak is enjoying similar if not disproportionate popularity. And all these soon after Malaysia sent its astronaut on a tour package to outer space. The aura and the tintillating heights of excitement are enough to launch Malaysia to Vision 2020 in good stead. Well, after some doubts by Mahathir Mohammad its impassioned proponent.

But wait, what's cooking in Perak? The Ruler internationally renowned for being a constitutional law heavyweight seems to have two Heads of government. The popularly elected and duly instituted Menteri Besar has been deprived of his legitimate function, whilst the usurper, has called on the decent citizens of Perak and addressed their conscience in the following words:

“[1] I understand the question and I want to make it clear that I would not be here if my position was considered illegitimate and illegal."

“[2] I ask from the heart that we show our readiness to the Sultan."

Zambry Abd Kadir (Phd.), Datuk [Please accept me as MB - Zambry to Perak people]

I can't honestly say I understand what this man is saying. No [1] - sounds like he's selling snake oil.

No [2] - that sounds like he's hawking Gambir Sarawak.

I hope on April 7, Polling Day for the 3 Bukits, if it ever comes, many Malaysians will be the wiser. Or someone will have to come down from the mountain and settle for lower bukits.


shrek said...

This clown is pleading and begging the Perakians to accept him as MB. What a joke. He should know when he's accepted or not. If the Sultan wants him and the rakyat don't want him he should go back to the Sultan and report that he doesn't enjoy the support of the rakyat and have the Sultan appoint another person who does.

Salak said...

It makes you wonder, doesn't it, shrek?

Wonder what he padi for his Phd?

He might make better money selling Gambir Sarawak! :))

But of course, no one can beat BN's returns ratios on zilch assets employed!!!

Jarod said...

Limbo limbo limbo rock, zambry is limboing ...

Limbo limbo limbo.. he is rocking UMNO....


Salak said...

Yeah, Jarod!

But how low can he go? ;)

They always raise the bar anyway! Or lower the floor! :))

Jong said...

This moronic asshat thinks Perakians are like him - he obviously has not come to his senses yet, SOB no different from Khir Toyol !!

Jarod said...

Limbo rock can change in any sense... up to him lor... for us, we just enjoy the game that he play.... :p

Salak said...

I know you people will think I'm a jerk. But a very practical solution is to recall the Brits and do another Pangkor Treaty.

The Brits don't have a WRITTEN constitution. They have an UNWRITTEN one. Then they gave 'US' a WRITTEN one and when we practise, we always do everything UNWRITTEN. We always wanna be one up against the Brits. We are very proud of our adat asam and many unwritten things, too!

I have a sneaky feeling they gave up on us! :))

Do you think they own Pangkor Laut? You know some stocks! On a Nominee status!

Jong said...

Let's see what this moronic asshat comes up with in 18 months, edit his DNA?

Jarod said...

The brits come also pointless. They cannot do anything after giving us the independence. Not like HK, give back to China... LoL... we give back to who? Umno?

May be the brits can consider taking over us and give me some POUND!! :D

Salak said...

They did give the HK people a good Anti-Corruption body. The reason was vested interests; they still have interests, bizness in HK. That's the dualism in this.

I was hoping they still have in Malaysia, then some of these Phd duds can really discover they have a brain!

But the darndest thing was when the same AC people came to KL, they said the MACC was superb!!!

Jarod said...

MACC was cover in some ways that it looks good externally... hehe...

like you cover your weapon :) lol

peng said...

In the first place, who is he? As far as Perakians are concerned, we only have one MB, that is Nizar.
Who is this Zambry fler?
Who put him there?
I did not! No, we did not vote for his party to form the state government!
So why is he asking to accept him?
What nonsense is he talking about?
He should accept that he's not what he thinks he is! Or what najis made him thinks he is!

peng said...

On 2nd thoughts, I think he is selling snake oil, Salak.
He looks like a snake man. Trying to wriggle himself out of a conflict situation created by najis.

Salak said...

Now the MF says the rakyat is stupid:

"...But the Pangkor assemblyman, who has been in power for just over two weeks, is confident that "the people will come to their senses" after assessing the situation objectively...."


This Phd is real DUMMY lah!

Jong said...


He uses Tuanku's name, said he was appointed Menteri Besar by Tuanku. He is said to have degree in Political Sc, does he not read Perak State & Federal Constitution that Sultans are above politics?

Salak said...


Of course he's selling snake oil!

So is Najib! Makes you wonder if that runs in the family!!! :(

Salak said...

Hey, Jong!

Is "Kampung Boy" from Perak?

Jong said...

Yes Lat, don't you remember you are from Perak? :D

Jarod said...

mAY BE we should ask LAT to talk to Sultan to give back the freedom to Perak... :)

Salak said...

Oops! May need to use the Hantu from the Gunung, instead!

Let me think about it! :)

Need a Phd for that lah!

Salak said...

Email with a perspective on Perak and the power intricacies.

XXXXX XXXX( Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 10:39 AM
To: salak (


Tajol was the ex ex MB. After the BN loss Tajol took his time to ponder what went wrong and how to handle the situation. He kept quiet but his silence was interpreted by other BN Aduns especially Zambry the clown as lack of leadership. After GE12 Tajol could have approached the Sultan and ask to be appointed MB seeing that BN still has the majority since PR is a loose coalition and all r PR parties don't have the majority. Also Tajol did make a statement that BN will get back the Perak state government by a certain date, but that didn't happen. Guess Tajol was a gentleman and didn't want to go the way Najis and Zambry the cLown had planned. Thus no choice but to remove Tajol and Najis took over BN Perak and Zambry the Clown became the puppet.

Tajol wouldn't let the Sultan down that path. Tajol's dad was a former MB of Perak and had problems with the royal family. Tajol himself being MB for 2 terms is very close to the Sultan and Raja Muda. Had he wished the Sultan to interfere I'm sure he would have taken the option and the Sultan would probably have obliged.


shrek said...

ACA was known as ACAI now MACC is known as MACAI. Hey Macai go get those PR fellers. Guess what Macai will do? Yes sir yes sir three bloody fools. 2 PR Johns client of China Doll and one Hee who is a she.

Salak said...

Reader cut and paste email,excerpts on Perak., of sarcasm and irony


Perak's Political Crisis - Sultan Azlan Shah

XXXX( Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 1:47 AM

To: Salak (

I like what this guy wrote at Limkitsiang blog, full of sarcarsm, read on....

# Loh Says:
21 Feb 2009 at 16: 04.48
The Perak Sultan made his decision on the change of government in Perak. UMNO leaders AAB, Hishamuddin, Muhyuddin, Rafudah Aziz, Ali Rustam, Syed Hamid , just to name a few, claimed that the wishes of the Sultan are the command of the people, and in their words, it was disrespect, disloyal, and treason for not accepting what the Sultan has commanded.

The MACC has now been turned into Malaysian Agency for Cars and Cows which was quick to act on the wishes of UMNO leaders in detriment to the interest of the nation. The ACA in the past had found 18 sharks but they are still swimming freely in Bolehland.
The Sultan of Perak has no doubt been aware of public perception about UMNO leaders. The Minister of Education asked the people to rise up against any opinion which differs from that of the Sultan. So the issue of right or wrong should be settled by the prestige and position of the person expressing such opinion, rather than on the truth of the issue concerned. If the students follow the thought process of the Education Minister, they will clearly be misfit. So Hishamuddin is not fit to be Minister at all, and the Sultan would do the nation a favour in asking him to quit politics. From the ways Hishamuddin has expressed his loyalty to the Sultan of Perak he would leave politics if he is asked by the Sultan of Perak to do so.

Hamid is clearly unfit to be Minister of Home Affairs when he used ISA to provide personal protection for a lady reporter. He did not know his duties, and is not fit to be a minister. He claimed that it would be disloyal to the King for not following the wishes of the Sultan. The only way he would leave would be if he is asked by the Sultan of Perak to do so.

The Sultan of Perak would have taken note that many among UMNO ministers are unusually rich compared to what the salary and wages they received in their official capacity. MACC are now concerns with cars and cows, and in any case would not act against BN ministers. The corruption in the government is acknowledged by all government leaders. They know very well that they needed only to pay lip services to prove that they were above board. They will leave politics if the Sultan of Perak would command them to.

The Sultan of Perak has now received confirmation that his words are the command of UMNO leaders, who urged others to accept without question. The population will not be able to vote corrupted UMNO leaders out of their party positions, or government posts. With those unfits in politics and government, the country is doomed. The Sultan of Perak has now the unique opportunity to clear the unwanted politicians by his command. His Majesty needs only to tell those UMNO opportunists to leave, and they would do so willingly without showing disrespect or defiance, out of their loyalty to the Sultan. .The question for the Sultan is not whether he could save the country from those rotten UMNO opportunitsts, but rather whether he was willing to do so. His majesty’s words are UMNO leaders’ command.

The people have accepted the fate that the system constitutional monarch adopted by the country renders the fate of the people at the mercy of UMNO leaders. They are pleasantly surprised that the country can be saved according to the wishes of the Sultan of Perak, if only he believes a shared destiny for the people of all races. The people are waiting for the Sultan to act. Just like he acted in Perak, we believe he could do the right thing for the country without fear or favour of a small group of people. He has the wellness of the country in his heart.


Jong said...

Tajol Rosli had been one of the better MBs Perak has ever had. I don't remember him pushing his weight around like those corrupt UMNO/BN samsengs but of course they are all corrupt one way or another!

At least Tajol Rosli has acted more hummane and with a conscience which explains why he felt he had to resign not wanting to handle Najis's planned 'coup detat' which was effected within a week of Tajol's resignation as Perak Chairman for BN/UMNO and that moron asshat Zambry thought the MB post was god-sent for him!

Salak said...

shrek said...

"...and one Hee who is a she...."

How did they got tin when they were supposed to mine silver?

Some place this Perak! But, that said, they might yet boil good bubur, who knows? :))

Salak said...

Jong said...

"...the MB post was god-sent for him ..."

UMNO people are great lie spinners. They even spun their Islamic God.

Sad, really. If secular education in Malaysia, has not excelled methods and strategies, IMAGINE what they did to Islamic Religious Education.

If there is "apparent" wealth among these DUDs, you can now imagine how much money has gone the drain, how crippling the corruption WITHIN our midst!

And shrek,

I guess, whatever MACCAi means, or however its spelt, it SPELL TROUBLE!

PR has better move and MOVE NOW!

We can yet restore some dignity to these DUDs even!

Anonymous said...

Machai means goons or bag carriers. Plenty of the in UMNO. BN has even converted government agebcies into their Machais but new spelling MACCAI. Notice how fast polis and MACC act on BN's complaints but drag their feet on citizens complaints. That's MACCAI at work.

Salak said...


So Machai or MACCAi is really the shadow Special SS.

They could never have come this without these clandestine or haram machai.

You know, since end of the KT Bye-Election, nothing has been done on the RM300 bribe per media man, done by the Ministry of Information people.

This involved the KT Bye-Election conduct and will affect all conduct of future elections and the danger of their being scuttled, by the Ministry of Information again or any other. They'll do it again as the MACCAi people decided no to do anything on it!

Read a MACCAi related story H E R E! [click]

shrek said...

Now the Clown Zombie wants to get the opinion of a QC on the impasse in Perak. Are we Malaysians that stupid that we cannot interpret our own Constitution?
Give the people what they want not what some Mat Salleh think. I thought Malaysia no longer appeal to the Privy Council and yet now we have UMNO seeking the opinion of a QC on what is a Malaysian issue.

Salak said...

"...Give the people what they want not what some Mat Salleh think. ..."

Frankly, I don't get it.

Why do we have to go UK again? Get QUEEN Counsel? Is this the Dummy Zambry's bright idea or his Mentor?

If he's smart enough, he should know we don't need the Mat Salleh any more.

We have our own QUEEN!

How about Counsel and advice from our very own QUEEN Cik Chot! ;))

Jong said...

It's UMNO's psychological warfare, to create public perception that they must be right, legally ok for them to do a 'coup d'etat' in Perak! Didn't Zambry proudly say he was appointed by Tuanku - HRH Raja Azlan Shah?

Rather than leaving the people's elected Pakatan Rakyat Government to make serious effort managing Perak state, this UMNO/BN lot behaves like organised crime syndicate, to each his own, self above state and nation!

Bleddy morons!