Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trouble : The ominous signs are there

The showdown is on in Perak.

The "mata-mata" are all geared to preempt any possibility of the passage to convene the Dewan Undangan Negeri (Legislative Assembly).

This day will tell us of the spectre of desperation BN politicians are sunked into, ignoring established ways of how we could live our lives in, ironically, "Hadhari" ways instead of descending into chaos and political recession.

You can watch live the unfolding events at anilnetto.com. He's got concerned citizens sending info to him in Penang.

UPDATE - What happened in Ipoh, this morning in pictures

Slides from photographs taken by Jong, 3 March, 2009, Ipoh, Malaysia
(Please Click slides twice for bigger views!)

You can get a full report elsewhere here and here.


Salak said...


09:53 hrs
[Comment From Tee]
My friend at scene call me that Nizar and team are barred from entering...

Salak said...

Eyewitness accounts:

The PR DUN members did not allow Speaker to go to the Dewan for security reasons; the crowds continue to mull around.

Fear was expressed one party supporter was feared to have a weapon. No pix to confirm.

The Speaker is in the Dewan

shrek said...

Slumdog Millionaire won Oscar for Best Movie. Next Best Movie Oscar will be B&NDog Billionaire the fight for Perak. Billions will be spent just to capture the Silver (Perak).

BN Zamboni versus PR Ninja.

Salak said...

Live call: [10:24hrs]

Confirmed Speaker convening the Assembly session outside and under some trees.

This is clever! The DUN now is the REAL PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT !!!

Salak said...


The Speaker IS NOT in the DEWAN !!!

Salak said...

So what happened?

I guess the "Mata-mata" won the morning, the DUN did not convene in its physical place, the building.

But perhaps the PR government won the day! The legitimate process of the DUN was taken to THE RAKYAT!

The stark reality is our economy is in the pits!!!

No one can forget that, in a long time!

Jong said...

I am extremely pleased I have lived those great moment, proud to be a part of Perak history and the first in Malaysia perhaps in the world, proud of Pakatan Rakyat’s Speaker Mr V Sivakumar!

Mr Sivakumar has cleverly made history, got the world as witness to this Perak State Assembly emergency sitting all conducted under the Raintree! I was there.

This is truly “Malaysia Boleh”, even the poorest and remotest region/country of the world would not have lived up to this 'standard’!
Malaysia memang BOLEH!

Salak said...

They say, Jong, it comes once in a lifetime! And cycle is around 50 years or so and M'sia is less! So its about time for a developing country.

Its kind of momentous and had its, somewhat, own rules. Well, looks like a star crossed your path! :))

Where are those giant thinkers in UMNO?

It looks like some other Malaysians are "of sterner stuff".

So quipped the Old Bard!

Jarod said...

Salak, very true..

I my self feel proud of being Malaysia. At least when we go to other country, we can claim to have the first Assembly under a tree! :D

shrek said...

I already have a hard time explaining to Americans that Malaysians do not live on trees. Now how do I explain that a State Parliament (Assembly) is conducted under a tree? Probably next I will have to explain Istana Pokok Chandan is constructed.

Salak said...

I say, people!

It wasn't an ordinary tree lah! It's a Raintree - a tree you can shelter under! That's much more than you can get from our "mata-mata", the Hadhari cronies or politiclc sleepwalkers!

Tarzan was a romance by Mat Salleh! And he lived in trees Its a bloody good one, too! Especially now that capitalism and open markets have failed ! :))

Gives some people unnecessary creeps, though!

Jong said...

Hi Salak,

Thank you for stitching all those pictures I sent in for all to share. Indeed a good job you have done, terima kasih!

Please forward this link to all your friends and relatives, for the whole world to see. Yeah those UMNO/BN monkeys are feeling it when the whole world watch in amusement, at the way they treat the elected minority Pakatan Rakyat government using their "mata-mata' to protect themselves against those of the people's choice!

Where is our ROYAL GUARDIAN - the Sultan of Perak? Where is he and why is he keeping so quiet while the whole of Perak is so f***ed up with no proper governemt? This is not the choice of Perakians. Perakians voted in Pakatan Rakyat and Nizar is their choice Menteri Besar, the legitimate one to lead Perak State, not up to the Sultan!

peng said...

Hah! Why is the Sultan keeping quiet? Do you think he will decide favorably for the very person he asked to resign? Anyway, he won't go back to his own vomit..

shrek said...

No wonder Zombie still want to seek Tarzan the Mat Salleh's opinion.
Raintree or Banyan Tree or Bodhi Tree?

Anonymous said...

Whether banyan tree or bodhi tree, the rakyat prays this tree will shield Pakatan Rakyat and return to sender all the evil intents to the sender!!

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen my sweetheart, Jong? She took off with another man with all my pomelos.