Monday, March 2, 2009

Sleepwalking out of an economic nightmare? Or a Slump?

Pak Lah asked, "What economic crisis?"

Najib said we would not have even a technical recession, while his hairline tells the bare fact.

What are we doing? Sleepwalking?

If only the whole country falls into deep slumber, frozen in time. Then Prince Charming will wake us all up.

For the moment, says our pants are coming down! EPF contributors saw the tell-tale sign earlier.


peng said...

Not asleep, the government is in comatose. That warrants a stay in the ICU. Do we have any specialists to bring them out of it? So that the rest of the nation can go on with their lives in peace?

Jong said...


Wow, thank you, that's nice music to the ears - so soothing, so pleasing and I'm into sleepwalking. It's so contagious!

I can afford to sleep but not the Prime Minister and his BN government. They are well paid with tax-payers money to do a job and they better be doing so otherwise we the rakyat will bury them next round!

Salak said...

Uh huh!

Watlah ! What to say?

Definitely, more than I can say! ;)

Salak said...

Wonder what Dollah would say to this Question from PR MP, Jeff Ooi !


2. YB TUAN JEFF OOI (JELUTONG) minta Perdana Menteri menyatakan dengan butiran lengkap bagaimana golongan berpendapatan rendah (RM401 hingga RM720 sebulan) boleh dapat turut menikmati hikmat Stimulus Package 1 berjumlah RM7 billion, dan menerusi Stimulus Package seterusnya?

Salak said...

Sorry, bad link to Jeff Ooi. Heres the correct one -

Salak said...

Hey, Jong!

Is there a curfew right now in Ipoh or what???

Jarod said...

Pity Ipoh people... no peace.

Zambry.... since u like to emulate Obama.. I shall change your name to Zambama...Before i change it to Zombies....

Salak said...

Like the Polis, he's only a "mata-mata", Jarod !

Jong said...

Looks like there's calm before the storm in Ipoh.
I just took a drive to check out on Ground Zero.

The road leading to the Perak State Assembly is closed to all traffic, barricaded on both ends and manned by a couple of FRU trucks right infront of the building and handful of FRU personnel trying to get shelter under a small tent, it's all quiet in Ipoh.

Salak said...

"...the Perak State Assembly is closed to all traffic, barricaded on both ends and manned by a couple of FRU trucks right infront of the building ..." - Jong

That rather suggests they're gonna stop The Perak DUN Speaker from convening the Dewan tomorrow. If that't the case, it does MEAN, a STATE OF EMERGENCY has occurred !

I hope Najib won't be that thoughtless and irresponsible!!! :((

shrek said...

If Najis does that then he's following in his father's footstep. Do whatever it takes to remain in power.

Anonymous said...

Ah there's many a slip between the glasss n the lips, Najis n Roastporkymah must be having nightmares till he sits on the throne!

It'll be God's work if after all the bribing, cheating, lying (n murder?), they find themselves not the annointed ones n it was all for naught. Let's pray towards this!

peng said...

Talk about following his father's footsteps, is that MAS pilot following his father's footsteps when he err.. was caught with those incriminating videos on his computer? After all his father thinks this is a small matter lah.. (quote the father) “I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones’ (unquote)!

peng said...

Perak is already in a state of emergency when there is no state government! How can there be a government when 2 parties are claiming to be the one! Imagine 2 fathers claiming that the boy is his biological son! How to determine, DNA test. So for Perak, the people's vote will tell who the legitimate government is!

Salak said...

"...Najis n Roastporkymah..." - Anonymous.

Hey, shrek!

You heard that? That's new! ;)


The fascist in Tun Razak manifests itself in Najis. It was during his tenure of office, that Razak, the then DPM, loomed large in the annals of the Sarawak Emergency.

Anak rentek, Bapa borek!

shrek said...

How does that head Maccai know whats on men's handphone? Perhaps his handphone have XXXrated fotos. As they say it takes a thief to know one.
If i am the head Maccai I will resign immediately. Don't know where to put my face. Father Head Maccai and son peadophile. It's Bapak Korek Anak pun mau Korek.

peng said...

Exactly what I think too..'it takes a thief to catch a thief'. This is a case of 'bapa borek, anak rintik'.
Resign? Only those with a conscience and dignity do that. This head Maccai knows no shame, has no conscience and no dignity! He's just opening more cans of worms with his idiotic comments.

shrek said...

Najis and Miss Piggy?

Salak said...

Yes, shrek!


All the looks and the sounds ! :))

Jong said...

"Roastporkymah" - hmmm sounds foul language lah?

Anonymous said...

I say guys!!

I lost your blog la Salak. I miss Jong. Where is she??

Salak said...

You bloody jerk! My blog has never been lost ;)!

How would I know where Jong is? She comes and goes. Like the morning she comes, and like the night she goes! :))

Are you Jong???

Jong said...

Hi Mr Bean,

Welcome back, miss your jokes lah. So you and Omar Quayyam been touring the world together?

Joining us all at Bukit Gantang By-Election? We will be campaigning under
"XsepBn", like the sound of it? :D