Thursday, April 2, 2009

Batang Ai | Too early for Gawai

I was musing, if the bye elections were to be held in June, our neighbors across the Kelingkang Range will have little sleep. They might come over and sell their handicrafts, all the ware and perhaps some food.

What about Dayak foods?

You have kuih jala, bamboo chicken an even serang semut. Careful about the bamboo chicken. Ask for "manok pansoh" or else you get iguana on a plate.

The complete range of Dayak cuisine can't be less than in other cultures. You just need different feeding for that distinct taste. Here's a few. You can get the rest at the pix owners' blogs

After that as dessert and probably much more not sufficiently covered here, you might top it all with Tuak and Arak. This is something you should handle with gingerly care. It might not be for those uninitiated. The Arak is very potent. Try a few sips is all I suggest. Or just watch. Generosity is good but in this case, you might just end up with a different kind of spirits!

Let's work, hope, and pray, come Gawai in June, though life in these hard world times are on us, there will be cause to celebrate in whatever manner suitable, the success of "Change" in Batang Ai.


Jong said...

Yeah, 'too early for Gawai'! What has happened Batang Ai, the mood, hopes and aspiration have been submerged in the Ai?

Salak said...

I watched closely on TV as the Batang Ai results were announced! Jawah Gerang was not there but Dominique Ng was!

Where was Jawah Gerang? Why couldn't he be there, in victory or defeat?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the trademark of BN politicians, when kalah don't show face. Isn't Jawah ex-Umno?

What happened to the 'saya tidak nampak'... snitch??

Jong said...

Win or lose he should be there infront of tv cameras, man enough to accept the results.

Here again PKR needs to discipline and fine-tune their chaps lah!

Salak said...

That's UMNO chicken pork, peng!

Jawah was PBDS, a co-partner of PBB to form the Sarawak BN. James Masing is from PRS which the Sarawak Media said was supported by Sng Chee Hwa!

There were "rumours and speculation" that Sng financed Jawah. But Sng came out to deny everything, stating he had retired from politics!

For all I care Sng could well have financed both BN and Jawah's campaigns!

Anonymous said...

That stinks of conspiracy!
Winning Batang Ai is actually against all the odds. One day it will happen.