Monday, March 30, 2009

Batang Ai | The BN's Ultimate - power and arrogance

Malcom Mussem Lamoh, is Taib Mahmud's embodiment of blatant arrogance, uncouth and self centered. He's to do Taib's bidding, not to question but instead reinforce servility and demand docility of the Iban voters

The Dayaks have been said to be rebellious. That's understandable as colonialists used such slant against people who resisted daylight roberry that Taib practises. In all probability Batang Ai voters will rebel and against mainstream politicians from PBB and Sarawak and National BN. Yes they will and they can. In 1985 SESCO had assets worth more than $4 billion, then sold off to Taib's cronies when SESCO was privatised. That would effectively controll the Batang Ai Hydro Dam and the assets and income therefrom. How much have the Ai people derived from this? How much have their lives changed because of this when there are villages without electricity? Why is migration from rural communities still heavy? Are there enough jobs? What happened to food farming? Where have the craftsmanship of the Ibans gone to?

The paper currency is bust now! Nothing can bust the land. But the Dayaks know one truth - land is better than the ringgit we now have!

To Batang Ai residents and villagers, they know this. The voters know this. They can't buy reasonably cheap trucks made by Proton, because there aren't any, to transport their farm products more efficiently. The development Taib has frothed and foamed at the mouth about is all enriching himself and cronies. What would telecommunications mean for the Ai people if the infrastructure and the market for their farm products does not exist or at the worst are hampered from developing?

So what kind of candidate will serve their electors? The foregoing video might give you an idea who will not. The BN candidate sounds highly strung; so strung if Taib Mahmud sneezes he'd fly off and knock himself out against a kapok tree.

I'm very annoyed and suspicious of people who cannot speak well enough and need a "huh" or an "argh" at the end of every sentence they utter. It belies their experience, skill or talent to do things - most of all sincerety! Reminds you of the Ipoh snake oil and gambir seller, Zambry, the illegimate Menteri Besar of Perak.

If Taib offers "goodies" to the voters that's well and good. It's what they should have had, in the last 30 years. They're entitled to them. That is the crux of the matter - they don't have to vote people like this BN calun to get them! They're entitlements. They could well vote Jawah Gerang to protect their interests, and in general keep in check what remains of the BN honest!

Ominous sign? - Dawn for Batang Ai
Pix taken at 07:07hrs 29-03-09 before Lachau or thereabouts.

The trip to Batang Ai had been an eventful one. The Nomination for the State seat created an invasion on Lubuk Antu, a small rural town unprepared to receive some 2,000 vehicles and some 8,000 people.

Access to the Nomination Center was strictly regulated and Police and FRU personnels seemed to number more than party supporters.

While recording the scene at the Padang, I was close to an incident where the Police confiscated PAS flags which after vehement protest from Sarawak PKR leader, Dominique Ng, were returned. Both PKR and PAS leaders Dominique NG and PAS rep Dr Hatta Ali rallied supporters to beef up their spirits after the intimidation by the Police.

The BN supporters had a field day. Unhampered and unhindered they were the usual rowdy boisterous crowds.

I snapped some pretty pix of the journey to Batang Ai, at the break of dawn. There was terrible congestion on the Lubuk Antus access road.

A curious object was seen behind the Stadium. It's a powerful satellite communications hardware, Advent, unmarked and manned by the Military. Mobile communication was jammed. No sms could be transmitted from the Padang.

The BN is extremely serious about the event. So serious, communication equipment looked like what they used in the Iraq war.

I should imagine the Opposition have taken cognizance of the seriousness the ruling BN place on Batang Ai.


Anonymous said...

Good work Salak. You went down to ground zero! Nothing like reporting the truth. I really hope people of Batang Ai are no longer intimidated by Taib Mahmud. It's time they are released from this bondage.

Salak said...

It was tough driving with inadequate sleep. I nearly dozed off at the wheel but got wiser by taking a nap at Sungai Rasa !

Was amazing what a 20 min nap could do. Drove all the way back well alert ;))

Salak said...

Sungai Raya actually. Nice cool place for very cool dip ! A dip was so tempting but didn't fancy being chased away without clothes on as it was a day trip I was on!

Jong said...

Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban, good job Salak! You have made Sarawakians mighty proud with your contribution today.

Yep, the arrogance and 'no one knows better than us when it comes to governing' attitude is most unbecoming.
Electorates of Batang Ai, show them what you are made of, prove them wrong and send the message - enough is enough!

Jong said...

hehehehe! :D I thought in Sarawak it's alright to just dip right in, in your birthday suit? You just have to watch out for the orang hutans, just incase they start whistling, betul tak? :D

Salak said...

Who knows?

They might like me if I put on a Jabu or Masing mask ! ;)

Then James will have to "timang" a lot of hantus just to get home and reread his manifesto!

Jong said...

Batang Ai - PDRM seems to be putting all effort intimidating opposition political party supporters and sucking up to their political masters - BN! Salak, you've got great pix that showed them collection PAS flags and I heard they also sent their K-9 squad(Dog Unit) to the ground zero! What do they expect to find - some fugitives or terrorists armed with C4? Are all these necessary, a scare tactics perhaps?

Jong said...

oops sorry, one correction:

"showed them collecting and confiscating PAS flags..."

Salak said...

I didn't see the Canine Squad, Jong! But really all the Men in Blue and all the Mata-Mata mingling in the crowd might as well be canine bots. After my exchange of of unpleasant words with one Police Inspector, I withdrew to go to the loo. A corporal followed me and asked where I was going. I angrily bellowed, "Jamban! Mau ikut?" A couple of bystanders laughed and repeated, "Mau ikut?" He turned away having made a complete and utter fool of himself.

This is the rub - the Gomen and the Police Institution have HUMILIATED Malaysians. Malaysians who work in the Institution as well as other citizens !!!

Perhaps T H I S picture best describes what they hid before public eyes.

Notice the the PDRM blue logo color to the BN's blue flag!!!

I haven't had time to dump up all the pix I took. You can see those I managed to H E R E !


Salak said...

Err... I didn't wanna mess with them. I left a few remarks they won't forget - just some humour they couldn't laugh or cry at; a kind of bark or "salak"! ;))