Monday, April 6, 2009

Bukit Gantang | On Nizar's trails ...Part 2

Still on Nizar's trails March 5th and we chanced on a PKR Official, Lee, who led us through an Oil Palm Estate into a narrower kampung road that finally turned out to be Matang Gelugor. There, instead of Nizar, it was Anwar Ibrahim.

Matang Gelugor appeared a very small village that was not small to Anwar Ibrahim in the quest for Nizar's win and ultimately, PR's victory! Anwar was in his articulate self, able to speak to any audience, be it an international conference or a rural village.

Nizar was supposed to be here we thought but did it matter, as Nizar himselft might be in some remote kampung deep in the kampungs of the rural Malay folks.

The scent on Nizar's trails is still fresh but he is still not to be found. The message to pursue a future of Change still rang out true among the rural folks: the need for committed, honest leaders to enhance equitable wealth distribution.

With PR's full committment for Change, does it matter if it was Nizar or Anwar there? We should now be used to the idea that the PR's leader, could well be Nizar when it matters! And Nizar now merged into Anwar. And Nizar should merge into another and that other to someone else. But the struggle for Change cannot and will not be stopped.

[This post was done with the facilities and goodwill of YB Nga Kor Ming MP Taiping and ADUN Pokok Assam, at Pusat Perkhidmatan Ahli Parliment Taping and Pokok Assam]


Jong said...

Hahaha Salak, imagine we were not the only ones who missed out on Nizar. The 5 days that we were in Bukit Gantang, we did not have the opportunity to meet him nor hear him out at Ceramahs yet we all felt his energy. Wasn't that fantastic?

We witnessed how much Perakians love Nizar, more so when this aticulate politician was deliberately brushed aside by the Perak Sultan in favour of UMNO's Gambir/Snake Oil seller Zambry Kadir, for reasons best known to him.

One must be an idiot not to realise Perakians have voiced their anger through the ballot boxes(despite presence of goodies and imported phantom voters by the busloads!) because their rights to a popularly elected government was ignored and not given due concern.

Salak said...

"...yet we all felt his energy..."

That's aptly put, Jong!

I guess I really don't need to find him any more.

And we found those little baby "reformis" who'll take the baton when it's their time ...