Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bukit Gantang | On Nizar's trails ...Part 3

Teresa Kok of PR at Kuala Sepetang

Dancers for BN Ceramah


Word just came in from 2 sources Tues 7th April, 2009 12:48hrs:

At Air Kuning Police fired tear gas an hour ago. Incident started when PAS supporters purportedly came over to BN supporters to wish last words before voting when Police started the tear gas "fire".

While taking a breather at Olden Days Kopitiam, in Taiping, a Kelantan guy came over and intimated the chemical gun "fire" by the Police have started. The van they were travelling in pulled away and drove off.

ON Monday evening, 6th March April we went down to Kuala Sepetang about 6pm to catch some dinner and then on hoping to catch Nizar. Bumped into a couple of Al Jazeera guys. No such luck with Nizar. At about 8.00pm Teresa Kok did the Ceramah, mostly in Mandarin and as I approached, she did a sprinkling of Bahasa for the few Malay speaking voters.

Moving on, we reached Kota where there was a crowd, a thin crowd at a BN Ceramah site, as we were told. As we approached there was no speaker and loud dance music blared through the air. On stage, a young dancer was widdling wiggling her butt to the amusement of the audience.

Exasperated, we stopped by a coffe shop, had some Kopi-O Kau. A middle aged Indian guy was grumbling. He had in his arm a daughter, who he said could not sleep.

We moaned and sighed - we heard Nizar was somewhere, but we pulled a blank!


Jong said...

You are too kind to BN. The "crowd" if I can remember, numbers 9 persons! There was a group though but they stood across the road, just didn't want to get involved and were fed-up to their teeth having to tolerate the noise from blarring speakers! There was an Indian couple who lived nearby, was so disgusted, said "how can we vote for them, see how inconsiderate they are!"

Jong said...

I was there at Bukit Gantang and trying to get out of Taiping today was a real problem. Traffic police blocked traffic from going straight from Taiping direction towards Matang/Kuala Sepetang, thus causing a massive traffic jam. I fail to understand why it was done at 2.30pm, when voters were rushing to their constituencies to vote? What was the rationale behind such a move when they could have helped manned the junction which already has trafficlights! This is so ridiculous, by closing off that junction, preventing traffic flow from Taiping towards Kuala Sepetang/Matang, they are causing more problems to the people.

Anonymous said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Another one of Umno's 'sze kiew' (=dead idea in cantonese)!

Such idiotic mentality the BN leaders have! Racist, sexist .. what else?

Remember the free motorcycle maintenance service idea from Umno Youth?


Salak said...

That would prevent my forecast of Nizar winning one vote less to ensure BN loss of deposit! :))

Jong said...

That 'foc motorcycle maintenance' was for Mat Rempits - that's the correct word for UMNO Youths. It was used by that UMNO senior member himself, not me!

Jong said...

Seeing those scantily dressed dancing girls troope performace was believing. I heard so much of it but this time witnessing it at Simpang Kota, Bukit Gantang was my first. Barisan Nasional(BN) has obviously ran out of ideas. They spent so much, gave out goodies and 'imported' phantom voters who came by the bus-loads to have pix taken with Mahathir was a desperate move, shameful lah. Despite all those, they lost, Nizar won!

I hope the Sultan of Perak and his son Raja Nazrin Shah reads the message of their subjects.

Salak said...

"...I hope the Sultan of Perak and his son Raja Nazrin Shah reads the message of their subjects...."

If we looked back in anger, we'd have told the Sultan to get lost in the Matang forest! He had agreed and picked Nizar for the MB post on the assumption of office of the PR Government.

So what went wrong? You can think of all the flurry of unpleasant retorts imaginable!

Nazrin was so hung up on Integrity as the Sleepwalker was!

What went wrong? Wishy-washiness ....? :))

Anonymous said...

Salak, where are you? Still snooping in the Sultan's backyard? Or are you chained to the democracy tree?? :))

Jong, the Sultan will not do anything. Doing something would mean he admit to his mistake. How many men do that?

Hey, even an Umno chap observed the pathetic crowd at BN's ceramah.

It was a good experience in Taiping. Heard all and now seen all.

Salak said...

Some men do, peng! ;) In their own way and time!

At that FOC bike service, they won't let me take any pix! I had to make a work around so to speak. I told them they weren't doing a bad job giving Mat Rempits free bike service - I said it was "ibadah", an obligatory measure of welfare. They liked it and grinned from ear to ear and let me take all the pix I wanted! :))

See? This teruk UMNO guy softened ! :))

Jarod said...

Salak, see the way you spin your words? That would make the trick. :)

too bad I miss out the dance.. else i will be grinning too :D

Salak said...

"...I fail to understand why it was done at 2.30pm, when voters were rushing to their constituencies to vote? What was the rationale behind such a move when they could have helped manned the junction which already has trafficlights!..." - Jong

Without all these unethical tactics, Nizar could well have humiliated the BN candidate and the BN party. Nizar's victory margin would have been so great, their candidate could have lost his deposit! That would have been the pits for Najib and Mahathir ....! Then had you sneezed they'd have fallen in ! :))

Jong said...

"Ibadah"! Hahaha they knew it was "haram" lah, and too malu to want to have their pix taken servicing UMNO's Mat Rempits!
I had infact told it straight to that UMNO senior member's face that I didn't like what UMNO is doing - encouraging those Mat Rempits. He answered me that it was their subtle way to winning them over.

Salak said...


I understand they wanted Mat Rempits' IC numbers for the phantom voters. But not all were rempits. I saw a young couple, a man and his wife, who had a change of M-Oil for their bike! I can't say what they did for this couple was not OK. Stealing IC numbers and raising zombies to vote suck!

Anonymous said...

You know what Jong, the Umno people were debating whether dr.M was the cause of losing the 2 bukit. The pro M said that KJ went to Bkt Gantang to campaign. And the pro KJ asked the other faction to show proof! They are fighting la!
But what we know is that KJ did not show up, remember I asked the Umno guy? He said the no.2 (Ghazali something) was incharged.

Jong said...

NO Peng, Salak and I saw him - KJ on monday night just before 10pm from direction of Matang/Sepetang towards Simpang. Infact we were just behind his official mercedes car "MP for Rembau" and I asked Salak to quickly take a pix of his car right infront of ours. The minute our camera flash got it, the car speeded off as if they saw a ghost. Now I know why the driver did that. They did not want proof of pix taken.

Lai said...

Hmmm..so he was there! Now dr.M can blame him for Umno losing Bkt Gantang!

Salak said...

Hey, peng!

Tell them, they can blame me, Salak! :))

Nothing more I would feel good about for making them lose the seats here!

It's just that I'm not feeling good about Batang Ai!

Salak said...

Jong, you too can tell KJ it's me they're looking for! ;))

Jong said...

Hehehe! Remember that MP for Rembau was adjusting that silly-looking songkok in the car, where the hell he got that from?!! LOL!

Guess they didn't want him to spoil the soup, huh? They also know arhh that KJ is a liability, and so is that Mamakfler!

Yeah, as Salak said UMNO should blame people like him and many others - Concerned Citizens/Anak Bangsa Malaysia who had contributed in some small ways and the way we know how to help UMNO maintain the momentum of its losing streak! :D

Salak said...

Hmm the connection could be here...Heard that Nasrin and Roastporkymah are thick friends!

angeltjgc Via email

Jong said...

YES we won, of course we did - Perakians WON and we made known our anger and disgust at the way things are - We demand HAK rakyat be returned, and it showed in the ballot box and we did, didn't we?

Despite the unpredictable weather of Bukit Gantang, support for PAS and DAP ceramahs was overwhelmingly popular - rain or shine in most unwelcoming soggy 'tapaks' in the kampongs in Changkat Jering and even in the middle of nowhere located in some kampongs reachable via narrow winding palm oil estates eg Matang Gelugor tens of thousands - supporters and observers were adamant to hear out their favourite speakers - see pix. The came, they analysed and they decide, all genuine and from the heart. Donation boxes were passed around and people readily and willingly stepped forward with the little they could afford in some small way to help ease PR electricity bills and feed their hardworking ground members/workers.

At all PR(PAS, DAP & PKR) ceramahs, there were NO GOODIES to pass around, no lucky draws, no sewing machines, no hampers in sight or any FOC motor-bike service for rempits as in BN so-called 'ceramahs'!
Despite all those, and the fact that the whole UMNO/BN machinery was up against Nizar at Bukit Gantang, BN's Ismail Saffian lost to Nizar Jamaluddin by 2789 votes! You can say even as early as Nomination Day, UMNO/BN had been rejected outright, no "ifs" not "buts".

Seeing is believing! Pakatan Rakyat/PAS managed to attract supporters and observers from all over the country not only from Perak alone! One needs to mingle with the crowds, reach out and strike conversation with the locals to be able to feel the pulse of the rakyat.

Salak said...

"...One needs to mingle with the crowds, reach out and strike conversation with the locals to be able to feel the pulse of the rakyat...."

You know, Jong, the paths of human endeavor should never lead to any goals further than the well-being of everyone. Self-serving beliefs, as those of UMNO might make their members and believers self-destruct.

We're not gonna let them take us that way!