Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PERAK | Legitimate MB Nizar, returns to work


A Court of Appeal today handed the Perak State Government back to Zambry Abdul Kadir after Nizar was declared as the legitimate MB yesterday.

Only God knows what will happen tomorrow!

2:45pm Nizar escorted out of the state secretariat building. He is giving a press conference now.

2:30pm Dr Zambry said he would respect the court’s stay of execution and would resume duties as Perak MB. He urged Nizar to show the same respect.

He also said that all decisions made by the Barisan state government remain as status quo, and lifts the suspension -- served earlier Tuesday -- of the state secretary and state legal adviser - Star Online

Ipoh: 12 May

A Press Conference was scheduled for 11.00 am to publicise official statements from Datuk Seri Nizar. At this press conference Datuk Seri Nizar is expected to announce his earlier meeting with the Perak Palace and its outcome, if any.

The whole nation awaits the subsequent legitimate orderly flow of events since the High Court ruling yeasterday 11th May. Events here will be pointers for all the States, that misgovernance and inaccountability must cease to save further ruin to the country.


Jong said...

MADNESS in Perak! Malu betul! One blogger describes it as:

"PR Govt by Day and UMNO Govt by Night "

This is as ridiculous and gila as it can get and our Sultan was the former Lord President of the Judiciary?

Jong said...

Dear Salak,

This just came in by email to me from a concerned
Perakian working in Canada:

” This Perak politics really shameful..3rd world backwater country behaviour!

I cannot believe this is all happening in Malaysia! Zambia maybe lah, but Malaysia? - Pamela”

Where are we going to put our face, Malaysia?