Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PERAK | Your Honor, why is it your business ...?

"In granting the appeal. Ramly noted the special circumstances of the application, as this does not only involve the applicant (Zambry) or the respondent (Nizar) but the whole of Perak."



Jong said...

Did someone drop his wallet, Salak?
Hmmmm, I thought so.

Jong said...

Ramly has certainly made a mockery of the Judiciary, the minute when he allowed politics to influence him.

Salak said...

The system provides for 3 Judges to sit I think. The mere conduct of him sitting alone to deliberate on Zambry's appeal dismisses any reserve of decency the general public might have of him.

If he is so enlightened it concerns "the whole of Perak" his action suggests he was intellectually dishonest, what with the pathetic record of the Judiciary and all!

Salak said...

I am so ANGRY, what is there to say? This morally corrupt govt has wiped the smiles off the decent citizens of this country. Maybe the only thing we can do is to collectively sync in our minds to send them to hell via Timbuktu!

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Anonymous said...

Timbuktu is not hell. Hell is where fires rage and the tongue burnt continuously for the lies told on earth.
Najis has pulled all the stops to avert PR regaining power and opening the way for PR to take over. That cannot happen because he has too much at stake. He tried clearing the skeletons in his closet but there's one ghost that won't go away!