Monday, June 8, 2009

PAS | Back to the Future

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No Malaysian mindful of Change can ignore what's happening in PAS, a partner in the Pakatan Rakyat, out of its Muktamar or AGM last week. That has attracted a myriad of opinions. For a while the Perak consitutional crisis has taken a back seat. Even Najib's '1Malaysia' gimmick can't get near the the furor of comments from across the political divides. The BN, not to be outdone appears to have cooked another bad dish out of the PPP charade.

What's with PAS?

The subject that sent the ire of PAS's sympathizers and voters is the issue of the unity talks with UMNO. Despite Hadi's assertion " that there was no need for PAS to share 'other people’s ship' as 'our ship is already strong enough' " nothing could allay the concerns and fears of Pakatan Rakyat's members and sympathizers.

What's with PAS?

The major fear is the suspicion that the Ulama(Cleric) faction in PAS are bent on ethnic ties to the Ketuanan Melayu belief of UMNO, the cultural sentiments and the so-called unfinished business of stamping Malay superiority and eliminating dissent to it. The PAS Youth's resolution of retaining the bumiputera 30% share of the economic pie is a puzzle to many whether for lack of political correctness in tandem with the spirit of contemporay opposition or for lack of belief in the new found hope and platforms for change. All these is despite the slogan on Islam is not Malay; that Islam is for all, thus the slogan PAS for All.

Many fear PAS has gotten the virus from UMNO and the lure of wealth by dubious means as the solution to all problems, personal or organizational. Many too, remember whilst in the wilderness PAS literally fast in their fight to establish a meaningful political presence. The Arqam movement that the Government crushed was believed to have acquired capital and skills in the wake of fearful stories of wife swapping rolled out by UMNO. PAS perseverence has been its own and never for any lifeline that UMNO could have thrown out.

Nik Aziz and Hadi AwangYou can't turn back the clocks but you can change tactics and it seems UMNO has turned suitor again after dumping PAS out of the BN decades ago. This time round, is it UMNO the party and the elitist wealthy leaders or is it disenchanted UMNO members? The latter may tug at heart strings for some PAS leaders, despite being wary about faint hearted members. The big question is, what if the 13th GE drops on everybody's head in 24 weeks? The state of the economy is so worrying that Najib had to take a hike to China and puffed up a show stealing some limelight out of the PAS' Mukatamar. If that is not enough, they had to prompt the silly problems in the PPP which they can do without.

Since the last 12th GE, Malaysians have been voting any party but the BN whose candidates have been licked each time except in the Nation's backwaters, Batang Ai, Sarawak. Each time the PR confronted the BN, voters sent in the PR to the extent that the trend has, as one of the factors, created the constitutional limbo in Perak when UMNO turned PR members defected - it used to be anyone but the BN. To observers, the cruel retort is you get what you deserve!

PAS-UMNO Flag : A CaricaturePAS has somewhat stolen the thunder from its PR counterparts by giving up its Islamic State ambition. It went further and has just recently created the non-Muslim wing of the Party to change in its fight for better government by changing tactics from its previous lip service damning of corrupt UMNO leaders. That previous stance never worked. It changed and that's a welcome sign. As an organization PAS lives on. UMNO lives on but has never attempted to change and only recycled its bad old ways. Many believe UMNO will break up and perhaps recreate themselves in different forms. It cannot stay as it is for if it does, Malaysia will drain its brains, and turn itself into a fascist state, which it has to an extent This is perhaps the fear amongst some PAS or PR members or sympathizers, if as a parasitic organization it attaches itself to PAS. As a living organization PAS will face, like any human, threats or viral hazards. PAS can't be superstitious that H1N1 is upon us right now. You can say that of UMNO but not PAS.

Anwar Ibrahim's Paris speech reminding a Muslim's "blood, property and honour are as sacred as Mecca" might set the tone for greater focus and resolve for reforms drive in PAS and PR. PAS members can no longer pay lip service of damnation. They have to interprete justice into real world gains. Or so, it is hoped!


Salak said...

"...While Abdul Hadi and Nasharuddin may be able to stave off the criticism of other PAS leaders and members on the basis that their hints at ‘working’ with Umno is to protect the interest of PAS within Pakatan, they would likely be risking an internal revolt if they took concrete steps to work with Umno on a more ‘formal’ basis. ..."

While it may seem "unity" is the stated claim of Hadi, Nasha and Khairy, will this incite rage and rancour among PAS members? Khairy will like that and get some brownie points.

It could tear PAS apart. It could also banish Khairy and some others in PAS into the wilderness.

Jong said...

UMNO has successfully driven in the wedge and Pakatan Rakyat partners are already feeling that sense of betrayl coming from PAS. How effortless! No doubt about it those in UMNO are already rolling in laughter and their controlled media are already having a field day rubbing in to split and weaken not only PAS but the union of Pakatan Rakyat. The media have further exposed these two great fools - Hadi Awang and Nasharudin Mat Isa.

They never learn their lessons and past experieces with the devil do they? What is it that they want from UMNO baffles me. If they find UMNO so attractive, just leave, join UMNO and take advantage to join their gravy train, why create so much confusion? Why haven't they learn that UMNO has only one agenda ie to destroy the opposition!

Jong said...

What "Unity" is there to talk? Kembalikan HAK Rakyat Perak then we may be able to talk.

As long as those highway robbers headed by Prime Minister Najib continue to behave thug-like and keep Perak illegitimately, control the judiciary, control civil service, control the police, control the macc and royalties, what is there to talk? We should bury them instead.

Hadi Awang and Nasharudin Mat Isa of PAS must be out of their mind to even have suggested the possibility of "unity" talk! If UMNO is so attractive to them, just leave PAS and leave the innocent members alone.

Salak said...

There are other issues in PAS.

One for instance is the Ulama (Cleric) faction. Many might not like the association but the attempt to air this though not yet legislate into party rules is the idea that only the Ulama should be top party leaders. You're reminded of the "caste" system which is not only is typical of Hindu followers but other groups, too. This "social exclusion" will just throw PAS back into the Dark Ages - a stark contradiction in the Islamic brotherhood. Decades ago you'll hear the retort - "kufur"!

It's not nice but this is part of the bag of problems that must be faced when you encounter sudden enfranchisement and wealth concentration. That should explain in some ways the Youth's resolution of the 30% equity.