Thursday, June 4, 2009

PERAK | May 7 arrests relive consitutional crisis

Location photos by Jong

The pressent consitutional limbo in Perak has not been resolved and a further appeal is continuing with the Apex Court.

The public show of support for the Pakatan Rakyat on May 7, 2009, in the hope of resolving the constitutional crisis had instead witnessed my citizens gathering in sympathy at the vicinity of the Perak Dewan Undangan Negeri in Ipoh, apprehended. On that day, the Royal Malaysia Police carried out indiscriminate arrests, the legal purpose of which was questionable. They were later released and told to report back at the Ipoh Police Station on 4th June, 2009 for an supposed arraignment. They were told instead today, that investigations were on-going and uncompleted.

In the minds of the Malaysian citizenry at large, this is the BN Government's charade, and of blatant repression. The ultimate effect is the Public Service has been further abused and efforts to do policing work are subverted, whilst crimes and drug and human trafficking remain inadequately addressed.

The ultimate toll is the welfare of the rakyat and the state of the nation.

Meanwhile Datuk Seri Nizar duly appeals to the AG Chambers to resolve the matter.

"I want to appeal to the A-G Chambers to close the case because they do not have grounds to charge them," Nizar told a press conference here after accompanying the 64 to the Ipoh police station Thursday. - The Star Online


Jong said...

"Repression" it is! Indeed the people feels repressed, intimidated and humiliated! The more this UMNO led BN Government continues with its 'police state' treatment of its citizens, the faster they are digging into their grave and their end is nigh!

And the people have also not forgotten the Perak Sultan, where is he when needed most - still away in US or China?

Salak said...

The Police as an institution in Malaysia now is an obstacle in any reform effort. Coupled with the MACC and bad judges, the government of the day, as some PAS workers might retort, is being served their "tal-kin", or last rites.

When on the world scene, Obama has spoken of renewal after the bad crash, any other efforts by BN to dig their heels in would be just that, their own "tal-kin".

Our natural and national resources right now are being squandered away by bad current insitutions such as the Police!