Thursday, July 9, 2009

MANEK URAI | Rude and Crude - BN stole oil and gas from Kelate

Notice Petronas' off-shore oil drilling platform on the RM50 piece

PAS won back Kelantan from BN in 1999. On the dawn of the millennium, instead of an epochal promise of hope and prosperity RM1.0 million was yanked off from the State's income. The reason was obvious.

The very same UMNO people who had robbed Kelantan of their natural resources are not content to sit quietly on this but enjoyed the sufferings of the rakyat in the State. They had to employ, with our taxes, the Government's media machinery to flood mischievious spins of how PAS has twiddled their thumbs doing nothing for the State.

What does it take to be "gemilang and terbilang" and progressive and liberal when you steal from people and openly deride them for the miseries you caused? You remember pirate and robber chiefs did that in history but not on the dawn of the millenium. If there are people who need their hands cut off, it's those people who stole from Kelantan!

If the Manek Urai voters are hopeful despite biting the bullet in these hard times, there's good reason to hope. Their unrelenting struggle is about justice and fairness. The UMNO people are not doing any soul searching. They could have "lupa" they had any.

There's just one question - what took Kelantan so long to demand what is theirs? As they say, there's the right moment for the right thing to do!


Salak said...

I have an odd feeling it was Maddof who stole Kelate's natural resources.

Anifah Aman must be hiding something from us and telling Rais to shut bloggers up so they won't tell why Maddof stole those money.

Salak said...

"...Party loyalties have remained static in Manek Urai, with PAS holding the edge over the years without making any serious gains. So the battleground revolves around the 1,300-odd voters who turned a 53-vote loss in 2004 into 1,352-vote majority in 2008. ..."

What the people want ...

It's been just a year since the last polling. Still more fishing for Abe Uji to do...!

Jong said...

Good question indeed - what took Kelantan so long to demand what was theirs?

Today Mr CakapBanyak Rais Yatim has a reply and this is what he said:

"This is different from the oil royalty enjoyed by the Terengganu state government as it is disbursed on the goodwill of the federal government, not derived from the rights under the laws,”

Yeah BN and their cohorts are good for words like "goodwill", "Perogative" etc. The state's natural resources is being tapped and sucked dry and they are talking about depending on 'goodwill' of the Federal Govt which is BN and they hold the political right to dictate terms? The State govt of Kelantan needs the money to develop the state in the interest of the rakyat not UMNO/BN politicians and supporters!

Jong said...

So it is the perogative of UMNO-controlled Federal govt that thinks it is much more worthwhile to pay a foreigner like Jean Todt RM1 million in goodwill than to benefit the rakyat? This is downright irresponsible! Are we supposed to continue tolerating those UMNO/BN thieves and robbers or bury them at Manik Urai? Bury them!

Imagine with that kind of OIL money, the rural poor of Kelantan will be well taken care of but this UMNO-controlled Federal govt deem fit it won't hear of it. It is afterall their perogative they say.

So Manik Urai, keep the momentum going - whack them, whack the Blues hard and send them packing and return a 6-1 score! Vote PAS/Pakatan Rakyat for the people by the people!

Salak said...

Has Kelantan always been underbudgeted? If they give RM1.0, expanded budget as when UMNO wins Manek, if ever, the amount is what they're supposed to get on legitimate (halal) revenue from the mineral rights. Oil and Gas Engineer) offers useful comments on the Kelate controversy and the actual site where Kelate's deposits are purpoted to be with concession area maps.

Jong, the Todd thing is disgraceful! If he ever did useful work with results, that fine. But what are those dummies doing doing in Ministry of Tourism?

This Rais is another disgrace. Talk facts lah! Show by evidence what is disputed and what are mistaken assumptions. If not how would he like to explain to the Malaysian rakyat what a cheating gomen BN really is!

Oops! And he says, bloggers have no rights to the truth. WTF would you need to license truth for?

Jong said...

That Mat Salleh is real cheapskate, RM1 million convert to his home currency, is tuppence they say but life's great for him here - free local woman, free home and free hobby by the sea and one million ringgit to spend, why not?!! Wonder where is the Tourism Minister in this, huh?

Salak said...


"...If they give RM1.0, expanded budget ...

should read as :

"...If they give RM1.0 billion, expanded budget...