Saturday, July 11, 2009

MANEK URAI | BN workers fished out

UMNO Kampung politics do get out of hand. So they played unsavoury kampung politics. Some UMNO campaign people driven by extreme pressure to make impact on simple folks have fallen all over themselves. The UMNO campaign workers in their zeal to spin creased pants bizness savy images of Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat have angered Manek Urai residents by harping on the profession of PAS' candidate Abe Uji, who's a fishmoneger or fish wholesaler. That irked Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

Manek Urai residents are mainly rubber tappers.

- MalaysianInsider


Jong said...

testing testing testing

Jong said...

Deputy PM Muhyiddin hung the carrot out with condition and asked: "PAS or bridge", yeah why not Oil money or bridge?

UMNO/BN is showing their true colors, using the rakyat's money to their advantage, the way they deem fit!

Will Kelantanese tolerate this further? I call on Manik Urai jangan mudah lupa, whack the BLUES and send them packing tomorrow, no ifs no buts!

Jong said...

All the Fisherman's friends should send a message to deputy PM Muhyiddin not to be an idiot - We want PAS, bridge and Oil royalty, we want all that's due to us. We also pay taxes, don't we?

Tomorrow Manik Urai will whack the Blues, whack them hard and send them packing!

Jong said...

By 3pm 14July09, it's reported 80% electorates have voted at Manik Urai.

My source has reported earlier that those UMNO clowns have began singing "Patches, oh what can I do, I swear I'll always love you...."
Pathetic it is, and Manik Uraians will snub their carrots - all those promises of bridges and to be fair?

Tell that to Perakians lah dear Najib and Muhyiddin! Perhaps they will always love you then! LOL!!!

Salak said...

Blog earlier unstable. Still unsure exactly what happened.

Seems better now!

TM boys don't know why and only say the port needs to be reset - its the regular answer! I'm sick of the word "port"!

Salak said...

Muhyiddin they said bungled on the campaign trail. New bridge for votes! That shouldn't sound like him but it's now his.

Kelantanese have always been on the short end of the stick in the Federation being in the opposition all this while as the State is not under BN rule. The campaign offer is a bibe. The Kelananese can build more than the bridge if they don't need to pay tax to Federal!

Quite an unwitting blunder from Muhyiddin. What else would he do if he becomes PM?

Salak said...

Should read -

The campaign offer is a "bribe" !.

Jong said...

"6-1" score it is, and the BLUES got whacked again! :D

The 65 majority votes was no easy feat and we have to appreciate that. Although UMNO/BN had never been dirtier we must not discount the fact that there was 'sabotage' from within a troubled PAS itself, against their own PAS candidate. It is dirty and I hope Tok Guru Nik Aziz will call for an immediate post-mortem into the MU By-Election and house-cleaning to get rid of the termites!