Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flu, masks and hysteria

Malaysians are gentle people. So gentle we're prone to hysteria. Anything to get away from real problems.

The latest hobby? The sky-high price of masks, and surgical too!

Why do you need a surgical mask and pay millions when all that is needed is a good wide handkerchief. You'd probably save lots of money too!

But our Prime Minister and his deputy have very good masks indeed!!!

And in need?

Ok lah! If you really need masks, you could have ones like these, seen on a flight from Japan to Canada! :))


Salak said...

Err sorry, those last two masks were meant to be worn over the nose and mouth!

At least they should bring some cheer instead of fear! :))

Jong said...

Guess old bras will do too, betul tak? Also save costs, no? :D

Anonymous said...

For vanity sake, I would not be seen wearing a mask out of home, that will make me look like some chimp's a**!
I would rather stay at home!