Tuesday, August 11, 2009

By George, the rains came!

Salt canisters for the rain.

Yesterday and today in Kuching, tempers must have cooled. When outdoors it could have been 38 - 40 C and indoors some 32 C, it wasn' pleasant. Wonder how school kids were doing?

Many Kuching citizens surely showered praises on George Chan for it was a great job done. Thank you, George Chan! Money was well spent. For RM40,000 it was just less than 20 sen per capita for some 300,000 - 400,000 happy citizens of Kuching city. You just hire some small planes, shoot some salt into the clouds and it was happiness showered over the population of Kuching.

If the Mayor of Kuching South shoots less chemicals into the night sky costing at least RM200,000 for just 20 minutes, we could weather any crisis come the month of Ramadhan.


Jong said...

Again, BN greed! People of Kuching, the haze is nothing new either, and do they care?

The Mayor of Kuching South(btw we in Perak have 2 Menteri Besar and 2 Speakers too!) will say without those 'chemical people' there will be no investment.

Well just tell him without our votes you'll be out of job soon!

Salak said...

The Mayor only needed one vote!

No news if more rains fell over the City's water supply catchment area. Hope it did. Otherwise we'll need to throw more salt into the clouds. The Sun's back in all of its fiery glory!

Salak said...

At least ur Major [Mayor] cares for the people and spends money wisely to bring rain to the drought striken people of Kuching. In the capital here, the rakyat watched in horror at the brutality of the !@#$#! gomen who rained cannisters of gas and chemical water cannons on the crowd who were made up of ordinary g'pa/mas, children and students.

Wonder how much these cost us and which BN crony got to supply those items at greatly inflated prices?

[via E-mail]


It was not the Mayor. It was George Chan, the Deputy CM of Sarawak. The Mayor did house delivery for Ting Phek King when his hotel permit was ready!

Have to say those salt tubes and the plane charter are cost effective for the purpose. But Fireworks is a sin, lah! Unless they came in by submarine! :))

Sarawak's in for a spell of really hot season with droughts having set in rural areas out of Sibu and Miri. Maybe Sri Aman, too.

Wonder how Batang Ai people are doing!


Jarod said...

My side here rain every alternate days,,,

been hot n cold at the same time... getting ppl sick easily.