Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to run high end glitzy world of finance

Apai moved from Betong to Bangsar and bought a Kancil from a dealer for RM$5,000.00. The dealer agreed to deliver the Kancil the next day.

The next day he drove up and said, 'Sorry Pai, but I have some bad news, itu Kancil sudah nyau!'

Apai replied, 'Akai!!! Then just give me my money back!'

The Dealer said, 'Tak boleh, lor! I sudah belanja semua'

Apai said, 'OK, you kasih itu kunci Kancil!'

The Dealer asked, 'Apa lu mau buat sama kunci? Kancil sudah tak dak!

Apai said, 'Endak nemu agi! I boleh buat Cabutan Gemilang!'

The Dealer said 'Ooi! Apa mau cabut-cabut? Itu Kancil tak dak!'

Apai said, 'Sure can, one! You tunggu lah! Gua tak mau cakap Kancil sudah nyau!.'

A month later, the Dealer met up with Apai and asked, 'Ooi, Pai! Apa sudah jadi itu nyau punye Kancil?'

Apai said, 'You tak tau Gua buat Cabutan Gemilang, argh? I sold 10,000 tickets at 60 sen satu, untung RM$998.80!'

The Dealer said, 'Orang tak dak komplen, argh?'

Apai said, 'Ada itu mamak sorang menang, lor!!! Gua bagi dia RM1.20! Dia cabut 2 tiket!'

Apai now works for Bank Negara.


Salak said...

But as an honest testimony, the Kancil is an acceptable car for the size and the price!

Our Kancil can fly at 130 kmh! And came back none the worst! :))

The only problem is the registration number is so difficult to remember, I always ended up going for the wrong car after a small errand! :))

Salak said...

"...My dear, a car this size is NOT meant to fly, esp not at 130km hehe. My Japanese friends are always so shocked to see us driving small cars at over 50km!!! But in saying this, of course I too am guilty of speeding all the time. ..."

[Via E-mail]


Yes and No.

No.They just got their Merdeka after some 50-year rule by one party and maybe a little excited and maybe overspeeding.

Yes. Auto and steel exports are falling and they may be inclined to go it slow but not on Sake and Tapai!

But Japan is so busy they don't have time to drive. Most of the time they get shoved into trains! ;) - Admin