Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't lose it to sour times ! To tomorrow's headlines ...

Yeah, ler! To media masseurs like Rais Yatim and Hishamuddin Hussein, and Utusan Melayu and the the Star Online, RTM and all the lot. And for lying under oath and licence!

Althought with the ICT and the Web, the work has become trunky and elephantine, and 'serut'! ;)

# See also Al Jazeera [click here]


Anonymous said...

Lying under oath and license = manipulation!

Remember 1984 by George Orwell? How Big Brother of the totalitarian party used pervasive surveillance and control to repress any dissent? And how it perpetuated the rights of individuals? Rebellion or dissent that lead to arrest and torture. Note the similarities with our gomen?

George Orwell probably did read Malaysia's 2009 headlines/plot back in 1949! For although he fictionalized the story; he was inspired to pen Big Brother's party slogan as this;
'WAR is peace; freedom is SLAVERY; IGNORANCE is strength'.
Or did najis use 1984 as reference to rule?

Salak said...

It has been the only script for him and his boss! ;)

Some people genuinely lamented that Orwell should never have written it!

But we had babi, we had sapi, we have tikus, and whatever else? Enough for an Animal Farm! :))

Salak said...

"...And then ask our Msian astronaut to blast them all out of our planet!!..."

[via E-Mail]

Anonymous said...

With gambir oil seller and the likes, I think a WILD Animal Farm should be more apt? Where the law of the jungle applies...

Jarod said...

i am very stress today!~ Darn that pic..with current malaysia situation..who is not stress? lol

Salak said...

What pic, Jarod?

You mean pic as in "babi"?

Anything to do with news is Rais Yatim. He hasn't got a pig farm, has he?

Jarod said...

no, the picture u put in ur post... aisey.. not stress, but tense...haah

anyway. rais is boiling every one up!

Salak said...

Have you ever noticed Rais, when not in songkok, with tough questions hurled at him?

His gleaming forehead will not be "serut"! :))

Forget the "sour times"! Think of the sweet time when they thrash UMNO calun in Bagan Pinang.

I hope it won't be ladies "mud" wrestling! UMNO wants to put up a woman candidate, a signature symbol of the 9Negeri, land of matriarchy or "pepateh", where the women are the boss, and the men sleep in the mosque! ;)