Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why MCA?

The MCA is going through a rough patch now over the PKFZ and the death duel between OTK and CSL the Chinese members must be asking a lot of questions.

Yeah! Why MCA?

Latest on PKA. Scandalous !!!

Former Port Klang Authority general manager OC Phang was today blamed for the cost escalation for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project.

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Azmi Khalid said the financial management of Phang and her team were 'weak and poor'.

He said that no cash flow projection was made for the project. Such a projection could have ensured there was enough income to repay the loan, he added.

"She doesn't even know what we mean by cash flow projection," said Azmi.

He was talking to reporters today after PAC had questioned Phang on her role in the PKFZ scandal. - Malaysiakini, Sep 2, 09 3:57pm


Salak said...

So how really should it go, ahh? This initials bizness?

Is it OKT or OTK or TKO? Or Liow lor! Tiong Lai !!!

Jong said...

BOH LIOW lah, long overdue!

MCA should have dissolved, folded up long before last GE-12 but they opted to remain in denial sydrome, denying truth - the truth of having no more support from the very community they claim to have represented! They had always been the convenient UMNO lapdogs but when things get bad(eg PKFZ), their political masters will wash their hands and say - "that's their internal biz"!! What a pathetic lot.

Salak said...

Maybe they should reinvent?

Like, turn themselves into Y-MCA ? :))

Salak said...

Seriously, there is so much the Malaysian Chinese can offer, which the MCA and the Gerakan have long forgotten but now still lives in the DAP with the PR.

There is so much talent in Malaysia yet to be unearthed and horned - with the natural resources and even the overseas Chinese capital still flowing in the region, we have nowhere else to go but up.

We just have keep at it, at the Stupid "White" Malays! ;))

Salak said...

"Stupid UMNO is keeping the door wide open and calling the nons 'pendatangs' to go. They fail to realise the valuable 'human resource' at hand while the developed countries welcome them with open arms and do their best to make their countries attractive to these 'brainy resources.' It is sheer wasteage cos every Msia is fortunate to have multi race and this is a bonus asset and should be encouraged to contribute towards the prosperity of this country.

Sadly we have lost our shine as more and more leave and I suppose UMNO is happy with the result."

[Via E-mail]

Salak said...

Azmi Khalid is a jerk for making a public statement such as the absence of a cash flow for the bloated development (now up to some RM12.0b). If anybody has to be singled out to blame, Azmi should be the idiot for not censoring the whole PKA Board.

It's clear they want to pin this whole thing not on the UMNO or MCA guys but on some helpless lady, who might later need to share the responsibility being part of the organization and a chief executive at that.

She should not be shamed as such. It's like caning her, as in the case of Kartika, that drew world attention!