Thursday, November 5, 2009

Missing | What do you miss in Malaysia?

I lifted this off from an email, written by a British to a Malaysian. It's apt. We're missing Sarawak bumiputera children in local Universities now. The fault? Their mothers are not bumiputeras!

A Malaysian's Missing Sayings

Get Vietnamese workers, dogs missing.
Get Bangladeshi workers, Malay girls missing.
Get Indonesian workers, money missing.
Get Indian workers, jewellery missing.
Get Chinese workers, husbands missing.

And now ..

Call the police, the evidence goes missing,
Call the lawyers, the judge goes missing,
Call the ministry of transport, the reports go missing
Change the government, funds go missing,
Say something and you may be missing.

What else are you missing? Of course I miss something. Don't you?


Salak said...

PI Bala is still missing. RPK is missing though he still makes plenty of noises from somewhere!

Jong said...

Teoh Beng Hock was taken away and went missing too but later appeared on the 14th floor of MACC Building, DEAD!

Did he say something that provoked them and did he deserve to die? Who are they at MACC?

Anonymous said...

All these people missing, how very convenient. Still missing too are TRUTH, COMPETENCY, JUSTICE, HONESTY and HUMILITY in our government.
These are sorely WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE

angela ooi

Salak said...

Yeah! As if there's no spice in our lives!

Guess, the sambal is missing, too, huh?

Anonymous said...

Who are they at MACC?

They are sub humans, mutated into unthinking and unfeeling monsters who are heartless enough to commit murder over a case of $2,400 which was not even STOLEN or MISAPPROPRIATED by the unfortunate victim.

angela ooi

Salak said...

What else could you possibly be miss ?

"...“At this rate, in addition to the increase of patients with chronic diseases, the waiting period for donated organs has become too long.

“Furthermore, Malaysia is far behind in its organ donation rate at 0.97 as compared to developed countries such as Spain which has a rate of 34.3 donors per one million citizens and Singapore with 5.9,” he added.

“What’s more saddening is, there are patients who could not be saved as they had succumbed to their diseases while on the waiting list,” he said after opening the new National Transplant Resource Centre office in Wisma Sejarah at Jalan Tun Razak yesterday.

Dr Ismail said the ministry was taking steps to improve on the matter.

The centre will have 15 full-time ministry officers to help manage the service.

Previously, the centre operated at the main lobby of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital with only one officer in charge. ...
" - The Star

Salak said...

Oops! What else could you possibly miss?

Your maid? Your kid? Your relatives caught in the urban drift?

Jarod said...

You miss me o not? LOL!

Salak said...

Go back to Perak! They need you there!

Like building bridges?

Why can't they build bridges like these?

Cost you nothing. Unless they've "potong" all the pokok!

Go back to Perak and go potong!