Friday, November 20, 2009

Nasi ... all bryani ...!

Wiki on Bryani.


Jong said...

Waaah, mouth watering betul! Haven't had any for a long time. How much does a plateful cost these days?

Jong said...

Nasi Briyani, so much memories!

I remember many many moons ago, used to have my friends over my place after school, among them one Muslim girl. Our friendship were good, close and we were brought up with that unwritten rule, to be mindful of a muslim's diet and during that time there was no 'fastfood joints' available then, so a call to my dad will always result in my dad sending his Indian office-boy over with packets of nasi briyani! Oh boy, we always looked forward to such treats; those were memories!

We used to take turns spending time at each other's homes alternate weeksand when it was time at our Muslim friend's nice neat govt quarters as her dad was a customs officer then, we'd ransack her fridge for makcik's sambal tumis, even without rice, we happily dipped with bread!

That was how friendship truly was - downright sincere, so innocent and easy-going amongst Malaysians irrespective of our race, culture or creed until UMNO munafiques stepped in with their rules and laws to polarise the country and people! It's so sad.

Salak said...

Nasi bryani's almost RM7 now! And its not that generous. It was in '03 and at RM4.00!

Chinese Chicken Rice isn't that expensive. With tax it's about RM4.20 in Kuching.

You know, even the chicken part sit slim on the plate! They use to be very fat! :-))

Had one yesterday, not well prepared. Either they didn't know how to do the spices or had too little!

They now spend public funds for show meals at Hari Raya, Deepavali and Chinese New Year.

And our nasi bryani prices skyrocketing!

Time they hack the education system and teach our kids the goodness of spices and herbs, and curb our running medical costs!

Salak said...

Always thought that Bryani is Indian!

Wiki says is Persian or Iranian! A really good and well prepared bryani is a bomb of a feast, ain't it? :-))

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, after looking at the pics, I just have to get it for my next meal. It's about $6.50 near my place but a substantial meal. It's usually sold in Indian Muslim restaurants in Malaysia.

peng said...

It's RM8 with one serving of mutton curry & some vege. That's at Kayu Nasi Kandar in PJ. Just had that on Fri lunch - beep burping the spices since!
I still prefer the nasi Malay.. tastes great and don't gives you the 'after-smell'...

Salak said...

Yeah, mutton bryani is sumptuous!

Make sure next its hot too! And don't forget to whip up with a good towel! :))